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nice neutral paint for child's room

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microserf Sat 28-May-11 15:30:41

hi, we finally completed!

decorators turn up on Tues and I don't have a paint picked out for the children's rooms. i want a warm neutral colour as we are going to using very bright coloured curtains and wall stickers.

hallway and lounge are going to be F&B skimming stone.

any thoughts on a nice colour which might tone in? i want a warmish cream, and for the children's room i don't mind which brand of paint we use as long as it is reasonably hard wearing.

bit nervous about using f&B in the hallway actually, as it is sure to get marked to hell with the pushchair, but i do like to live dangerously.

coansha Sat 28-May-11 23:15:12

I got paint called wash & wear by Dulux and it does indeed was off. Worth paying extra for to get off marks.
We used wall decals, they look fabulous. cannot help with the warm neutral colour as we let the kids choose and used a putty colour through out ours with accent walls, so it may be a bit grey for you.
I would go buy the tester pots as what works in someone else's house will look totally different in yours due to room shape, size & orientation.

coansha Sat 28-May-11 23:22:52

OMG, I am a complete liar, I have a cream/green lounge & diner!! Used one called Polar cape, very nice, trying to fathom how to post pic....

coansha Sun 29-May-11 06:28:54

If you click on my name i have put a pic of lounge/diner, will try & crop a better one, you cannot miss it, its the only one!

manchurian Sun 29-May-11 12:08:05

I'd go for modern emulsion in the hallway rather than estate. much harder wearing and marks from prams etc can be washed off. slightly different finish (which some people don't seem to like) but I think it's worth it for the washability.

manchurian Sun 29-May-11 12:11:49

and if you want a F&B neutral I'd be tempted to go with Lime White or Slipper Satin. You can never go wrong with Slipper Satin.

CristinaTheAstonishing Sun 29-May-11 16:04:44

Well done on the completion. What a relief it must be!

20wkbaby Sun 29-May-11 16:22:06

My DD's room has Oyster from Fired Earth. It is a lovely colour that looks nice for a child but with removeable wall stickers would still work for an older child or a teenager right up to an adult. Not saying it would last that long, just mean in case rooms were swapped etc not necessary to change it.

microserf Sun 29-May-11 20:23:03

wow, thanks for all the advice!!! i have been distracted by going round to my new house and staring at it lots. i love it! (although now it's empty all the scuffs and marks are driving me nuts). Can't wait to get the decorators in.

Coansha, would love to see the diner but for some reason can't access your profile! I'll try to work out where i am going wrong.

We are definitely doing wall stickers, I absolutely love them. i am liking oyster, i think it might tone in very well. i need to get some samples very urgently...

Wow, we are so over the moon to finally have a home of our own. True FTBs!

coansha Mon 30-May-11 01:47:40

I have tried to add pic again, under name lounge /diner in my profile (nothing else there honest!!) good luck and enjoy your new home , mine has just gone on market and am looking fwd to move back to Uk.

OsbegaEthelwulf Mon 30-May-11 07:38:47

coansha; your profile isn't public so we can't see the pics

coansha Mon 30-May-11 10:00:53

how do I get a public profile, sorry I'm a bit crap on this bit?? ta

coansha Mon 30-May-11 10:30:27

i think I have done it? but will add link to estate agents as much better pic of cream colour x

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