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Where to buy solid wood worktops?

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SandyChick Thu 19-May-11 21:55:47

Planning our new kitchen. Will probably go for cheap gloss white or cream and spend more on solid wood worktops. I've looked around most of the obvious places, ikea,b&q,wickes, homebase. Where is best place to buy from or how much should we be spending on good quality worktops? We want thick chunky oak and need around 7metres. B&q sell in 3m lengths which is no good because we'd end up with alot of offcuts which will cost more.

Has anyone used ikea? They do 2 types- a standard size or made to measure.


kd73 Thu 19-May-11 22:02:20

I haven't used Ikea worktop, but had solid wood worktop for years. Would not buy again though as quite hard maintenance to keep in a lovely condition.

SandyChick Thu 19-May-11 22:08:05

Where are your worktops from? Everyone I've spoken too have said they wouldn't have them again because of the maintenance confused We love the look tho. If there was a laminate effect that looked good then we'd go for that buy there isn't. A frend has a laminate one from wickes with a chunky square edge which is the nicest laminate we've seen- but still it's just not as nice as real wood.

teta Thu 19-May-11 23:11:06

I have oak [ikea] in the utility and have ordered Iroko for the kitchen from Worktop Express.The oak is danish-oiled and i felt that every time i wiped it the oil wiped off [even though looking at a cross section of the wood i could see that it had soaked in a long way] and it looks patchy.I have just bought Liberon worktop treatment which claims to make the worktop water-resistant
[with natural waxes in it] and tougher.I think if you like wood just get it and enjoy.I have 4 young dc's and am not that house-proud and it works for me.

cece Thu 19-May-11 23:18:51

I got mine from barncrest an online co. Pics on profile..

cece Thu 19-May-11 23:20:42

They sell different lengths...

Oh and the maintainance isn't an issue for me - is lasting OK with an occasional wipe of danish oil. Mine are walnut.

SandyChick Fri 20-May-11 11:23:20

Cece- i have kitchen envy. Your kitchen lay out is almost exactly the same as what we are doing. We are putting our American fridge freezer next to the oven and having our hob on the breakfast bar bit with an extractor coming from the ceiling. The worktop is gorgeous. Are the units White or cream? Love the folding doors too. We can't decide to have folding doors or 2 sets of French doors. Sorry for all the questions but what size is the room? Our is 10m x4m. I worry that we're trying to squeeze too much into 1 room.

Teta- wouldn't you reccomend the ikea ones? I'm interested to know what you think of the new ones when they arrive.

teta Fri 20-May-11 14:12:56

I think the Ikea oak [the basic one] is really good for the money and looks nice and country-ish in my utility.Ikea comes ready-oiled however,but the oil just seems to wipe off really easily.Hence i am going to try the Liberon one [which i guess is similar to the Osmo one] to see if there is a noticable difference.

cece Sat 21-May-11 11:41:27

Thank you smile

The units are white. The worktop is walnut.

TBH the breakfast bar is a bit of a dumping ground. I don't hate it but think if I did it again I wouldn't have one - just have the units against the wall in a L shape. It would also make the room more versatile and could have a table more into the kitchen iyswim.

The doors are two panels of glass that don't open on either side of one set of French doors in the centre. I did that so the furniture wouldn't be in the way of the open door. I quite like it and when both are open it is plenty. Leaves more room on patio too as you don't needf such a wide step!

Can't remember the exact size but think it is about the same as yours.

Initially we had the kitchen one end, a dining table and then a couple of armchairs and TV area. Now we have moved the table back into the dining area and now have large sofa, arm chair and rug by the TV area plus toy storage for my toddler.

cece Sat 21-May-11 11:42:23

PS. I can highly recommend Barncrest for the worktops.

bacon Mon 23-May-11 14:56:30

I have walnut strips bespoke by the local timber merchants.

dsamm Mon 23-May-11 23:42:06

bacon, what are walnut strips? And was that hugely expensive?

lesta74 Fri 27-May-11 13:13:19

currently remodelling our kitchen, new worktops and flooring. hopefully a cheap way to a 'new-ish' looking kitchen. considered walnut worktops from barncrest but after seeing on their website that they're in administration...

"Ian Edward Walker and Julie Ann Palmer of Begbies Traynor (Central) LLP were appointed Joint Administrators of Barncrest trading Ltd ("the Company") on 15 March 2011."

...not so sure now. had problems before with our bathroom when the supplier went under, a major headache.

teta Fri 27-May-11 14:58:26

I have just ordered iroko from Worktop express and am very happy with the quality and finish.

PigletJohn Sun 29-May-11 23:05:33

oiled, solid-hardwood worktops are ideal for a shop display.

However they are not so suitable for a working kitchen that contains water, hot pans, sharp knives or heavy objects.

teta Mon 30-May-11 18:10:02

Just a follow-on from my earlier post.My Ikea oak has worn rather badly in the utility.It has surrounded the main washing-up sink [with no dishwasher] for 6 - 10 people for a few weeks.I have just sanded it down and applied Liberon Worktop Sealer -which went a bit white .But has made it waterproof.But it has already warped slightly.The Worktop express Iroko [which came ready-oiled and has has 2-3 coats of Liberon worktop sealer as well] seems to shrug off stains and liquids and is tons better quality.So the morale of the story is - always treat your wood straight away and only buy Ikea worktop if you want a rustic-look and it is going to have very light use.

PigletJohn Mon 30-May-11 18:15:47

there are likely to be cut edges where the sink was let in to an aperture, these need to be treated to prevent water penetration through the end-grain which is especially absorbent.

Iroko is a very dense wood which can be expected to be more durable. It is also rather expensive.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 30-May-11 18:21:30

((((((( my Bamboo worktops ))))))))

and my bamboo floor

worktops - I'm horrible to them and they still come up great with a wipe with a damp cloth and the occasional (like almost never) oiling

SardineQueen Mon 30-May-11 18:28:31

Shouldn't have read this - have a load of oak ikea worktops waiting to be fitted at the mo grin

We had oak in the old kitchen and it was very good - oiled it once a year and it was pretty indestructable (we are not terribly careful) although I don't think it had a hot pan on it. I did drop the iron on it pointy side down and the dent sort of sprang out over the space of a couple of weeks.

I think the bloke who lived here before us was very good with the oiling, and I suspect the trick is to look after them carefully for teh first couple of years and after that they are sort of battle-hardened. Or something grin

SandyChick Sat 04-Jun-11 10:02:20

I think we're going to get the kitchen and work top from howdens. A friend has their cream high gloss units and thick oak worktop and it's beautiful. Has anyone used Howdens?

toughlove Sat 18-Jun-11 18:44:41

SardineQueen - think yourself lucky you DID get them from Ikea - Barncrest have gone bust. I want to buy some worktops from a company who actually manufacturers here in the UK. Anyone any ideas? I heard a friend talk aout one company but she forgot thier name but apparently they are completely different to imported ones. Even John Lewis ones are just imported.

said Sat 18-Jun-11 18:53:01

Gone bust? Really? When? Aargh! I only got a sample from the them the other day as well shock sad

PinkOlives Mon 20-Jun-11 16:15:19

really??? i also got a sampe from Barncrest last week? im looking for dark walnut, i think its american black walnut? any recommendations for reasonable places?
said - what are you going for now?
i thought that iroko would be a lot darker has anyway got it and its darkened with age?

mousymouse Mon 20-Jun-11 16:18:59

we had walnut (?) in an office kitchen where I used to work.
was hard work, had to be oiled once a week for the first year and from then on once a month (kitchen then out of use for a day for the oil to sink into the wood). very beautiful though and very smooth.

PinkOlives Mon 20-Jun-11 16:32:27

ohh really its just looks beautiful. i need something dark for the contrast with light units. very expensive though

Iroko was recommended to be more durable i just dnt think from the sample thats its dark enough
interested to hear from peple who have had it for a while

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