Problem with made to measure roman blinds

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Mandy21 Wed 18-May-11 15:04:02

I've just had my roman blinds delivered that I'd ordered from a local curtain making business.

They're for the kitchen windows and although there are 2 big windows, the room is now huge so I wanted to maximise the light. The windows are recessed if thats the right expression - the window sills are quite deep and so I thought if I had the blinds fitted on the outside of the recess, they would let more light into the room (i.e. even when they're up, the light can still get into the room from underneath if that makes sense).

Anyway, I've never had roman blinds made to measure before. I went into the shop with my exact measurements and explained that I wanted them on the outside of the recess. The lady was lovely, went through my measurements and did a few workings, then told me how much fabric I needed. I got that sorted out, went back into the shop, and she checked the measurements and off she went.

I don't recall her ever mentionning a figure for how much extra she was going to add on to each side, but now that I have them back, she's added on probably 2 or 3cm each side. When the blind is up (ie when there are say 3 or 4 folds in the fabric) from the front (standing directly in front of the blinds) they're lovely but from the side (as you enter the kitchen), you can see the window - the bulk of the fabric pushes the blind forward if you see what I mean and because there is only a very small overlap with the wall you can see the gap. Is this normal??

Sorry I really haven't explained that very well.

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7to25 Wed 18-May-11 15:48:37

I have experience as curtain maker and I'm afraid ai don't know exactly what you mean, sorry.
the overlap you mentioned would be normal unless requested otherwise.
IMO Roman blinds always look better inside the recess, if that is at all possible. I haven't seen your room, obviously! Is it possible to have them refitted into the recess? Ask the maker to alter them if you are not satisfied.
If you fit outside the recess, the custom fitted look is lost. I have not found that too much light is lost. The size and number of folds can be altered as long as the fabric is not too thick.
Hope that makes some sense!

7to25 Wed 18-May-11 15:56:41

Just had another thought!
if you want the blinds to be the same, but wider, contrasting strips of fabric,
About 5cm, on either side of the blind looks smart.

fresh Wed 18-May-11 22:49:16

It sounds normal to me. The blinds will probably be fitted onto a batten or headrail which will inevitably hold them slightly away from the wall, and so you would expect to have a gap, which you would be able to see through from the side. I agree that generally these look better inside the recess, but take your point about light. However, if you want them changed, given that you asked for them to be outside the recess, you should expect to pay something for that. If I supply blinds to go outside a recess, I often put a flat pelmet over them to hide the batten and this also makes the whole thing look more solid and finished IYSWIM. If you did go for contrast bands on each side, consider a pelmet in the same contrast fabric, it will frame the whole treatment.

Mandy21 Thu 19-May-11 09:35:36

Thank you for your replies. I'm sorry I couldn't explain it very well. The batten which the blind is attached to does make it sit away from the wall and then when the blind is up, there are 2 or 3 folds of fabric at the bottom of the blind as you'd expect - the "back" fold sits against the wall either side of the window and then the other folds make the fabric stick out further (away from the window) if you see what I mean which means you can see the window from the side. I've got a bit more used to it now and I think I'm stressing over nothing, but take your point that perhaps I should have had them fitted into the recess rather than have them outside the recess. The batten is covered with the same fabric and I'm really happy with how they've been made and I love the fabric so they do look finished!

I'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks and perhaps get them re-sized. Useful learning point though!!!

Thanks for your replies.

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newshoes121 Wed 15-Feb-12 20:16:32

This is a case of not knowing what you were measuring for unfortunately. You should normally allow for 10-15cm of overlap on each side when fitting outside the recess for roman blinds. It isn't really the job of the lady that made them to add this on for you so I'm surprised to hear that they have added anything at all.
The problem with trying to reduce the size to fit into the recess is that it may be more work than making new ones :-(

As a possible solution you could consider dressing the window with dress curtains in addition to the blinds you have fitted close the blinds so that they overlap and cover the light entering the room.

Hope this helps,

Peppapigscarlettrose Mon 19-Apr-21 05:54:00

Hi sorry to jump on this thread as you said you said you experienced blind maker wondered if could help me at all, had blinds fitted and made to measure Romans inside recess is it normal to sit inch either side away from wall seems like letting too much light in when they down. And also can see frame on window


7to25 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:10:03

No, that is not normal.
The tolerance for Roman blinds is 0.5cm either side of blinds in a recess so 1.0 cm over all.

Changingwiththetimes Mon 19-Apr-21 09:29:34

@Peppapigscarlettroseo I'm looking at my custom roman blinds. They are recessed and fit quite snugly to the sides- say less than a centimeter gap. Very tidy.
OP, I think you will see the window even if quite a big overlap at the sides if the blinds are attached to a batten. A couple centimetres does seem a bit mean though. Add a contrasting trim as suggested- it can really finish off the look especially if the blinds are wide.

SecretOfChange Mon 19-Apr-21 09:47:57

It's hard to know without the pictures if it's the 'normal' untidyness associated with having blinds outside recess or too much of a gap. I'd suspect that it's within the norm of what's achievable. I've ordered blinds for the whole house recently (7 venetian blinds and 2 velux blinds) and all of them are within the recess specifically to keep things tidy.

I've not considered roman blinds tbh - I understand what you mean about maximising light but I think the inevitable cost of maximising light is what you just described, blinds 'poking out' quite visibly, and you can't achieve both (maximising light and blinds looking tidiest at the top) at the same time.

Peppapigscarlettrose Mon 19-Apr-21 19:39:08

I am due to pay for work that done very soon still don't feel 100% happy with what's been done.... hate complaining bout things but when you spent alot money you expect it done to standard you expecting .

SecretOfChange Tue 20-Apr-21 13:09:28

@Peppapigscarlettrose depends if it's possible to do it better - in some instances it may not be. I have gaps like that on some windows/blinds. Angled window recess and angles in the bay windows make it tricky to achieve a 'tight' fitting. They should've talked you through what they're doing though, either way, so that it's not a surprise.

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