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Solicitors have raised a problem with our boiler... Will we still sell?!

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Notacluetoo Thu 05-May-11 21:58:15

I'd love any advice anyone could offer me. We had a new combi boiler fitted in 2008. Plumber had done work for us previously and was CORGI registered. I registered it with the manufacturer and didn't think any more about it.

So... We're currently in the process of selling the house and the buyers solicitor have requested an installation certificate. We don't have one and to be honest, didn't even know what it was until a couple of days ago!

I've been in touch with the fitter who basically said he wasn't really sure but thought it would have been registered, but I've checked with CORGI and it wasn't :-(

I've managed to give my solicitor the original documentation with the fitters GasSafe number, have demonstrated that it has been regularly serviced, and been seen by other registered engineers since it was fitted. My solicitor has said that I should offer to provide building regulations indemnity insurance and hopefully our buyers solicitor would accept this.

So, I'm totally stressing that this might be a deal-breaker! Has anyone any experience of a similar situation? It must be worth something that it was fitted by a CORGI / GasSafe engineer? And that it's been regularly serviced etc? I'm happy to pay for the insurance if that's what's necessary to keep this on track (it's a little in my favour that the buyers have already given notice on their rented place so perhaps would find it less easy to pull out??) but how much would it cost? And could this put off our buyers?

Thanks for any advice in advance!

JillyWillyPops Thu 05-May-11 22:01:04

We've just been through the exact same thing. All we had to do was to get the boiler serviced by a gas safe engineer and get a report from them to say that the boiler was in a fit and safe state.

Worked for us!

Good luck on the house move smile

narmada Thu 05-May-11 22:02:06

I really cannot imagine that this would be a dealbreaker. As a potential buyer, it would be an inconvenience but wouldn't put me off unduly. But maybe that's just me.

nocake Thu 05-May-11 22:33:25

Both of the first two properties I bought had boilers so old that they were installed before anyone ever thought of Corgi. It didn't bother me but if you're worried I'd get a gas safety certificate done, as it doesn't cost very much, and that should reassure potential buyers.

CointreauVersial Thu 05-May-11 22:36:57

In the house that we bought recently, the boiler actually packed up between exchange and completion, so the first person across the threshold when we got the keys was a plumber with a new boiler.

It wouldn't have been a deal-breaker, although it was certainly inconvenient!

Notacluetoo Sat 07-May-11 08:56:57

Thank you all so much for your advice! I got the plumber round yesterday to do the Gas Safety Certificate, so I'm hoping that evidence that it's installed properly and works (won't blow up anytime soon...!) will be okay for our purchasers! I just can't face going back on the market - with 3 children under 6 it was a nightmare keeping the place tidy for viewings!!

Thanks again for your advice - fingers crossed!!

Celibin Sun 08-May-11 09:54:57

I think as long as it is one of the new Condensing boilers and been regularly serviced by a Gassafe etc engineers you have fulfiiled all the legal requirements. Remember the buyer's sols is paid by them, represents them and may just be trying for a reduction in price?? Their (and your ) sols have to ensure all items listed in your contract of sale are in working order and there were in the past alot of probs with ch etc People moving in to find not working etc/ GCH is actually a good selling point on property these days.

NorkyPies Thu 15-Sep-11 00:41:27

Wondering if anyone else has had problems getting an installation certificate? I think OP may be referring to the Benchmark Checklist that most boiler manufacturers are now requiring to be completed by the installer. Without it, the warranty is void.

I only found out about this when my new boiler documents were handed over. Guess what? the installer has not completed the checklist. Now wondering if I should not pay him until he's done it.

The Benchmark scheme is voluntary for the installer (they have to pay £35pa to belong to the scheme). It is supposed to weed out cowboy installers, but to me it looks more like a way for manufacturers to avoid warranty responsibilities. I don't see how it can help consumers if they don't find out about the scheme until after installation. Anyway, I'm now on collision course with the installer.

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