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Swing free, bathroom door!

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fathercandle Sat 09-Apr-11 19:43:26

So we're getting our bathroom done. It's pretty small and to make extra space the builder's pushing us to re-hang the door so it opens outwards into the landing.
Is that a bit weird? There's enough space on the landing and we almost always leave it open anyway but I'm envisioning some comedy slapstick door-opens-in-the-toddler's-face moments.
Does anyone else's bathroom door open outwards? When you come to buy our house, will you think we're odd?

sunshineatlast Sat 09-Apr-11 20:01:19

Our old place had three doors which opened into the hall. Hall was massive and it did mean the rooms had more useable space. Thought it was weird to start with but it didnt put us off buying the place.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 09-Apr-11 20:03:58

Does the builder actually want to put something in teh space where the door would open into the bathroom?

If not, seems a bit pointless.

fathercandle Sat 09-Apr-11 20:11:09

Yes - would deffo make it a better bathroom. Put the sink there, proper shower bath, etc etc.

itstheyearzero Sat 09-Apr-11 21:58:31

We did this with the door to the ensuite in our old house. It used to open into the bathroom, meaning you had to walk round it to get to the loo, it did my head in. One day I had a lightbulb moment and told DH to change it so it opened into the bedroom instead. It didn't seem weird at all after a couple of days, and when we tried to sell the house, nobody commented on it. Go for it!

fancyschmancy Sat 09-Apr-11 22:10:18

Absolutely - we've done it in three houses - makes such a difference!

Fenouille Sat 09-Apr-11 22:19:42

Would a sliding door work instead? we've just put them in for our bathroom and toilet and gained loads of space. Looks really smart too.

hocuspontas Sat 09-Apr-11 22:24:02

Or a bi-fold? Opening out just confirms small room to me.

Deux Sun 10-Apr-11 08:58:39

I've done this kind of thing a few times, as well as changing the side the hinge is on.

If it will give you more room then do it. My BIL and SIL have this arrangement and it works really well. But the door always seems to be closed when not in use.

If the door opens into your landing, when it is open will it be against a wall?

The downside to using folding/sliding doors is that you may not be able to use the door for hooks and the like, depending on what you go for.

fathercandle Sun 10-Apr-11 17:32:12

Should open to be almost flush against the wall. I expect it'll stay there when we don't have visitors (we're a classy family we are).

fathercandle Mon 11-Apr-11 10:17:13

Well thanks everyone - I guess we're convinced. You all have to promise to buy our house when we put it on the market now. ;)

GrendelsMum Mon 11-Apr-11 13:05:09

There are many, many, many weird things about our house (the fact that some rooms have no lighting, the trapdoors between the ground floor and the first floor, the bricked up cellar, etc ...), but the fact the bathroom door opens out into the hall is not one of them.

eclipz Wed 29-Jun-11 00:00:07


I would be interested in knowing more about sliding doors? I cant have my door swinging into the hall as there is not enough room. we have a bathroom with a separate wc and would love to put a basin in with the separate wc too but currently havent the room as the door is in the way

Anyone know if sliding doors are costly? are a lot of work to fit and where they are bought and are they modern?

Lemonsole Wed 29-Jun-11 19:51:49

We've got a bi-fold door, which enabled us to move the sink around and make better use of the space in our teeny bathroom. You can end up with un-lockable issues, but it hasn't been a problem yet. If the door's shut, you don't go in.

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