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Bathroom furniture

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Buda Tue 08-Mar-11 13:27:45

Anyone spotted any nice bathroom furniture recently?

Have looked at Bathstore, Victoria Plumb, CP Hart and Wickes etc.

Anywhere I am missing?

Looking for a nice sink/wash-stand with drawers in walnut or 'wenge'.

Deux Tue 08-Mar-11 16:33:20

Hi. Have you tried your nearest branch of City Plumbing? Some branches have good showrooms and they stock and can get hold of all the major suppliers.

They usually have their own brochure and stacks of supplier brochures on everything - sanitary ware, brassware, mirrors etc. And their prices are very very good.

They are both trade and retail and it is one price to everyone but then you get more discount the more you buy. I saved over £500 on the RRP for my Matki shower tray and surround which I was amazed at since it's quite difficult to get Matki discounted.

I've recently done 2 bathrooms and bought everything there apart from my sink units which I bought from Bathstore.

Brassware in particular was brilliant - Grohe taps and cistern at prices less than B + Q and much superior quality. TBH I didn't think I'd be able to buy what I did in my budget.

Deux Tue 08-Mar-11 16:37:14

Another thing I found about City Plumbing was that they were very good with their recommendations and good at explaining the pros and cons, eg of different types of wastes/cisterns etc.

If it's a stock item then they can go and get one from the warehouse and you can have a look/feel of it. I realised the latter is really important as one bath-filler/shower I was going to buy was actually really plasticky but looked great in the brochure.

If you order something and don't like it you can easily return it too.

Buda Tue 08-Mar-11 16:39:38

Actually we do have their brochure. They have the type of shower tray we need. Thanks. Forgot about them.

Pannacotta Tue 08-Mar-11 16:41:41

Have a look at Miller for vanity units, quality is very good (not cheap though)

Deux Tue 08-Mar-11 17:22:40

You might also like Stonewood

Buda Tue 08-Mar-11 20:36:06

Thanks pannacotta. Some nice things on that site.

And thanks to you too Deux. Also like the Stonewood stuff - although I was thrown a bit by your link! Found it eventually though.

Deux Wed 09-Mar-11 09:29:42

Sorry Buda! Bet that was a surprise. Here it is for anyone else. Stonewood

Sebwaynicolas Fri 08-Apr-16 03:32:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

sonsmum Fri 08-Apr-16 16:20:18

Do not use the Bathstore! We kitted out 3 bathrooms with their stuff as we were on a budget at the time.
It is horrible stuff. The mirrors rust, the handles of the cupboards and plugholes are covered in silver material, which comes off quickly and rusts!
2 years in and the bathrooms look old and manky.
The toilets are also awful, the children have stained under the seat with their mis-aims and no amount of cleaning can get the colour out. The toilet flush is also quite rubbish.
The bathstore stuff is cheap rubbish. Avoid like the plague. Well worth spending more and getting true quality.
We will be replacing all 3 bathrooms within 5yrs of the first install and this is quite laughable.

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