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Aluminium bifold doors

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Montifer Tue 08-Feb-11 00:20:47

We need to choose doors for our east facing kitchen / diner extension.

Initially thought we'd go for oak bifolds but have realised that they may look a bit out of place as the rest of the house has white uPVC windows.

I'm not keen on going for uPVC as it will be a big expanse of white plastic across the back of the house, so aluminium (with white finish) looks like an option.

I'd be grateful for any wisdom on the pros / cons.


berno Wed 09-Feb-11 09:34:52

Same here! Plus we had wooden doors on a previous house and they were a bit high maintenance.

After a lot of research and discussions with our builder and suppliers, we decided that aluminium was a far better option than upvc, aesthetically, and we bought our aluminium bi folding doors from Sunseeker doors.

We have existing pvc windows and, because the aluminium has a white coating, no one notices that there is a mix of pvc and aluminium frames.

We have had the bi-folds 3 or 4 years now and we are still very happy with them.

However ... if you look at now, they also install frame-less glass doors, which look amazing and must be worth considering.

Montifer Sat 12-Feb-11 12:04:14

Thanks berno, that's really helpful.
Have got an online quote from Sunseekers and they look good.
The frameless ones do look good but I don't think we have an impressive enough view to make it worthwhile.

sunbell Tue 05-Apr-11 09:16:13

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

lovingthesun Tue 05-Apr-11 11:05:15

we have white aluminium patio doors & will be having our other downstairs windows to match....just because we need new ones rather than on a whim though! All look fine with the upstairs UPVC windows.

How wide is your space ? remember with the bifolds you will have the interruption of frames.

Pinkcushion Tue 05-Apr-11 11:50:13

Sunseekers are incredibly expensive - try a few other companies - maybe a few local ones. I had a quote for £20k - from a company in Yorkshire, £12K from Kloeber - I think the company we are using are closer to £6k, so it's worth shopping around.

sunbright Tue 05-Apr-11 13:59:30

I found Duration doors to be good value, based in essex, good range of colours and designs, recommend their new blinds from Sunbell.
Always worth shopping arround, Sunseekers are not the cheapest.

LaviniaW Tue 16-Oct-12 23:05:03

Can anybody recommend uk bi-fold for doors?

cabbageandbeans Wed 17-Oct-12 21:10:22

I agree shop around. You will be amazed at the price differences. Look for somewhere that sells to tradespeople.

IMO Aluminium looks best BUT if cost a factor why not just go for a white UPVC sliding door? Much cheaper and there is Less break in the glass = bigger window when door closed & better view. Downside is smaller opening than a french or bi fold door.

SunAtLast Thu 18-Oct-12 15:56:53

I would not recommend ukbifold. More expensive, quotes do not include fitting either.

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