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Where to live in Newcastle/Sunderland area

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Abmumma Mon 24-Jan-11 11:50:07

Hiya all, can anyone help me? I am thinking of starting a degree course at sunderland uni which would mean moving from the south west of england to there. I dont really know where to look though. I am renting and will need to claim some housing benefit as i wont be working whilst doing my course. I have 3 kids aged 3,6,9. I need somewhere nice and family focussed and am willing to pay that bit extra to get something right. Will need good schools which give support 2 kids with suspected dyslexia, also emotional support which i've found invaluable at their current school. They also do lots of afterschool clubs, some run by banardos so nice and cheap, street dance, performing arts, footie, irish dance, and gym so would like them to carry this on.
I'm sorry for the long list but dont wanna uproot them if its not just right. Is there any places anyone could recommend? any clubs run by banardos or similar kids charities?

Many many thanks xx

Maddikins Mon 24-Jan-11 22:37:24

Hi, I live in Sunderland so can tell you which areas are good/bad here and which schools are academically good. I havent heard of the Banardos afterschool clubs but my dd is not at school yet so have no experience of afterschool clubs.

Do you want to live near the uni or would you rather live near a good school? Travelling from Newcastle into Sunderland is ok but I think the nice areas of Sunderland and probably cheaper to rent in than the nice areas of Newcastle, and the worse areas of Newcastle are generally a lot worse than here imo.

Abmumma Fri 28-Jan-11 13:37:10

Hi Maddikins,
Thanks for responding. I am pretty much open to suggestions although my main priority is finding a good school so I suppose I would rather live near to one, anywhere in newcastle or sunderland as long as its nice. If you could suggest some areas/schools i could look into further i'd be very grateful.
Thank you

Maddikins Fri 28-Jan-11 22:09:32

In Sunderland Barnes/High Barnes area is a nice family area and there are quite a few primary schools in that area (Plains Farm, The Broadway, St Mary's and Barnes that I can think of.

Barnes School is good, a few people I knows kids' go and they are happy with it. I'm pretty sure it has a web site which had the after schhol clubs on when I was deciding on schools,

Also Ashbrooke/Queen Alexandra Road area is nice but more expensive, good schools would be Hill View or St Mary's and there a few private schools. Close to Barnes area, nice park and 5 mins to city centre.

Over the water (so very near the beach and the St Peters Campus part of Sunderland Uni) Roker/Fulwell areas are nice and Fulwell School is supposed to be good, Whitburn is a bit further along the coast but also nice.

Parts of Doxford Park, Moorside, Silksworth and the Herrington areas are all ok but a bit furher from the centre and I don't know which are the good schools in these areas.

The areas I would avoid are Hendon, Pallion and Pennywell Sunderland South and Hylton Castle, Witherwack, Southwick Sunderland North.

Newcastle I only know that Jesmond and Gosforth are nice but expensive and no idea about schools. Durham is lovely and no further or worse for travelling into Sunderland than Newcastle. Personally if you are going to go to Sunderland Uni I would definitely look to rent in Sunderland (but go shopping through Newcastle!).

Hope any of this is some help.

Abmumma Sat 29-Jan-11 19:34:34

Thats a really good help, thanks! It's always better to get opinions from people that actually live there, than from property websites, so much appreciated!

Rufusekpenoh Fri 01-Jan-16 17:19:16

Thank you too for this information. I will be coming to Sunderland in September with my family and my boys are age 2,4 and 7. It will also be a whole new experience for us since we will be coming from Africa so more information about living in Sunderland will be highly welcome,many thanks.

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