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When are people going to put their houses on the market again?!?

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tattycoram Mon 10-Jan-11 10:44:48

We are looking as really need to move to get more space and there is absolutely nothing new coming onto the market at the moment. Do you think there will be more towards Easter? There actually hasn't been that much for the past year, so frustrating

Deliaskis Mon 10-Jan-11 10:47:33

We're doing our best - ours is going on this week!

I know what you mean though, we have our eye on one particular house and if that goes before we get an offer on ours, there is nothing else we would consider at the moment.


fluffles Mon 10-Jan-11 10:48:16

mine is going on later this month - was told that nobody buys in early jan so haven't rushed before now.

Fiddledee Mon 10-Jan-11 11:00:54

i'm desperately looking too, some stuff I'm told comes up late Jan and Feb but the agent who will market our house if our current buyers pull out says to put ours on in March.

twosoups Mon 10-Jan-11 13:41:50

We put ours on the market in August last year. At the time, there was nothing I would have bought but I'd been told a woman I vaguely know was sellign hers and this seemed perfect.

As it turned out, she kept delaying putting it on the market. It would have cost us in the region of £500k. As luck would have it, a deceased estate came up for sale at the beginning of September and we're buying that (exchanging on Friday). We've got it for a really good price and it's freed money up to put our stamp on it. It's perfect for us but it wasn't in the market when we went on.

The right house will come up at the right time. Hold your nerve.

frostyfingers Tue 11-Jan-11 16:00:04

We've taken ours off I'm afraid. We don't HAVE to move (but would like to), but after very few viewings and a price cut, we've decided to wait and see. The one house we did like is still available, but the longer it gets since I saw it, the colder are my feet! And I don't want to go back unless we feel more certain as it would be unfair on that vendor.

So, I think we're going to stay put for 12 months and see what happens - we've also thought about a completely radical move to take a decision on staying here much longer -5/10 years (been here 5) and putting an extension on. It wasn't meant to be our "forever" home and certainly has a lot of things that drive me mad, but possibly an extension would solve it - but we need to do some major maths!

Good luck to all those buying & selling - it's been a rotten year.

wiltsmum Wed 12-Jan-11 10:57:16

Good Luck all you sellers out there: we only sold our lovely house because we accepted £95k less than the original valuation. Even the buyer's surveyor said it was a bargain for the buyers. We only had ridiculous offers from buyers in 'rented' who had sold up and just wanted a big house on the cheap.
Oh well such is life. Job loss, children grown up, we needed to downsize anyway.....shame we only bought this house 3 years ago, for £50k more than we are getting for it....and need to move to a more expensive part of the world....
Sorry about the rant.

artyjools Wed 12-Jan-11 11:28:45

Wiltsmum - oh dear, rotten luck for you. I think plenty more will be in that situation in the coming years as prices are on the way down, IMO. The buyers that are out there and are in a position to proceed are looking for bargains. The thing is, you will be one of those bargain hunters now smile.

We weren't able to sell last year, so we took it off the market for a few weeks over Christmas. We are going to have another go at trying to move and will put it back on the market next week. There isn't a great deal out there at the moment, and some sellers are still asking too much even when their houses have been on the market for months. I suspect many people are waiting to see what happens and some, like frostyfingers, won't bother at all until the mist clears.

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