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Replace bath for £££;£s or new suite?

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TidyBush Thu 06-Jan-11 20:50:17

Our bathroom was fitted out 11 years ago and we have a cream suite (I know it's not fashionable but I still like it).

We've now found a split in the bath and need to get it replaced before it becomes a real issue and the bath ends up in the kitchen below grin. We also want a new shower as ours is a bit crap now.

Having spoken to a few plumbers it turns out that getting a replacement bath is going to be difficult. I've found 2 suppliers of discontinued lines online and it's going to cost about £350 to get a like for like bath supplied and delivered.

So, we now have two choices. Do we spend the ££££s on getting a replacement bath fitted to match our current suite, or do we pay the same amount for a complete new white suite, which might need to include a bit of retiling and will need new accessories (towel rais, soap dishes etc)?

I'm really torn because this job wasn't on our radar this year (God knows we've got enough jobs to do).


Pannacotta Thu 06-Jan-11 21:02:11

If you are happy with the cream then I'd just get a new bath and get that put in, £350 isnt very much for a good bath.
Otherwise your costs will be much more.
Have you looked on ebay/called local reclaim yards for a suitable bath btw?

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