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Painting kitchen tiles - need advice on colour and grouting

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hester Wed 05-Jan-11 21:06:03

I'd be grateful for any advice on painting my kitchen tiles, which I've never done before.

Context: my new house has an absolutely hideous kitchen, and have almost zero budget so can't replace even the doors at present. The units are wood-effect melamine, the tiles are bright red, the floor is terracotta tiles. The walls were yellow and crimson, but I've repainted a cool pale putty colour. The appliances are brushed steel, and I've replaced the ornate handles with simple brushed steel ones. Worktops are black granite-effect. There is a wooden table and the chairs are a car boot sale find: retro walnut and black with grey seat cushions. I'm trying to nudge the overall effect from being orangey rustic to mid-century modern in tones of putty, brown and grey (sorry, that sounded like the poncey interiors magazines I'm addicted to).

There are a LOT of tiles, and I'm thinking of painting them mid-grey. I'm thinking that just this may cool down the overall effect enough to keep the nasty wood-effect units till I can afford to replace them. If it doesn't, I'll paint the cabinets as well. What colour? A paler grey? Or will it just look like way too much grey? So, first of all, can I have some advice on colours for the tiles and, if necessary, the cabinets?

Second, what about the grouting? It will be an ENORMOUS and fiddly job to masking tape it all. Will it look too wierd if I just paint the whole lot grey? Would it be possible/desirable to paint it over then paint in the grouting with a grouting pen?

Sorry about the long and boring post. I'll be impressed and grateful if anyone gets this far and can respond!

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