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Who can reccomeend a SAH WINDOW company /maker in Kingston or nearby

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CybilScissorhands Wed 05-Jan-11 19:21:03

We want to replace our crappy sashes with nice new wooden ones please

A bay window and bedroom windows

Any notions of cost as well??


theyoungvisiter Wed 05-Jan-11 19:42:59

I think you should post this again with a new subject line, as I assumed a SAH window was some kind of specialist sort!

We are just having ours done at the moment but North London so it's probably too far for our local firm. However I doubt costs would be too different. I presume you're talking double glazed sashes? You're not supposed to get new single-glazed windows anymore, you can only refurbish or reglaze existing ones, if that makes sense.

In terms of cost, it kind of depends on what you need doing - if it's a complete new window (boxes and surrounds etc) then you are looking at at least £500 per window and probably nearer £750 if they are big windows. Bays are the most expensive, particularly if they are the kind of bay made solely from wood (not separate windows with brick in between, iykwim). They are usually around £2k.

If the surrounds are in good condition and you only need new actual sashes, then it comes in a bit cheaper, and you don't have to redecorate the room. If they have to pull out the architrave etc then there is usually a fair bit of disruption to the plaster.

Any special woodwork on the window (like small panes) will cost more - plain sashes are the cheapest.

Some things to note when getting quotes: Local joiners are usually cheaper than specialist firms and don't be afraid to go for firms who are not FENSA registered, all this means is that you have to get the council to come and certify the windows, rather than the window company doing it. This is an additional cost (a few hundred quid) but we found it worked out cheaper in the long run - though we are getting several windows done at the same time so it might be different for a small job, I don't know.

I love our new sashes - they are sooooo lovely and purr beautifully when you swoosh them up

CybilScissorhands Wed 05-Jan-11 20:02:37

Thankyou for replying! Very informative

Yes my typing is crap-over excited at the thought of new windows!

If no one else replies I will repost grin

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