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Bathroom blinds??

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Mandy21 Sun 02-Jan-11 19:16:39

Can anyone suggest anywhere that sells modern, patterned (I need to inject some colour / interest) roller blinds for bathrooms?

I don't want a black out blind (as most of them seem to be) or a plain one, I need something colourful / interesting but that still lets the light come through. I also want it to be cheap!

I've seen a couple in the Next Directory, and John Lewis, but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?

Many thanks

Bearcat Sun 02-Jan-11 21:06:46

In the past we have made a roller blind in the material we wanted.
You used to be able to buy some sort of a spray which you sprayed on a cotton type ( whatever pattern you wanted) material, and then you just hung it to dry. This stiffened the material up and also enabled you to cut it to the width required and the edges would not fray due to the material now being stiffened by the spray.
We bought the roller blind kit from somewhere such as John Lewis.
I'm a bit of a roman blind fan these days an make these now instead.

Mandy21 Mon 03-Jan-11 00:22:02

Ooh, I keep thinking about making a roman blind. Are they easy? Any tips? Where can I get the basics from - do you use a website? Thanks

Bearcat Mon 03-Jan-11 12:24:07

John Lewis sells Pretty Frills roman blind kits.
Has all you need to make your own roman blind except for the material and the cotton to sew it with. The instructions are in the pack.
There are 2 sizes for widths, but you just buy the one bigger than the width of your blind and then cut the poles and bars to the widths you need.
Have you got a sewing machine?
I have got better at making them over the times that I have done it and the one tip I would give you is when you are working out the length between each bar, make sure the very bottom drop is about 1 inch longer so that when the blind is pulled right up none of the folds hang below the bottom bar otherwise the sun will bleach the material in that fold and ruin slightly the look of your blind when its down.
Really you just need some patience, a good eye for detail and a sewing machine.
Once you have made a success of your first one I'm sure you'll make more and probably at a fraction of the cost that JL would charge for a made up one.
By the way. I also have a DH who is a brill DIYer who puts all the fixings up for me to attach to.
I now often buy stuff direct from the Pretty Frills website too ( it has the ready folded material ready to inset to poles into, whereas I used to spend quite a bit of time ironing 10cm widths of material in half then again etc etc to make the pockets.
Good luck, go for it!

Mandy21 Tue 04-Jan-11 10:19:00

Many thanks Bearcat, thats really helpful.


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