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Moving to a new area with 11 year old DC. Anyone else done it?

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jemimapotts Sun 19-Dec-10 09:09:37

We are just about to move 25 miles away, from a big city to a small town in a beautiful rural setting. The town has lots going on and has very good rail and road links to two major cities.

We are moving to give the DC a better, quality of life, more freedom, woods, moors and rivers to explore. We all have some lovely friends that we have built up over 20 years of living here. It's a wrench to leave them. We have deliberated over this decision for eighteen months now, and the deed is done. Contracts are exchanged, we are going.

However, I wondered whether any Mumsnetters had made this kind of move when their DC was as old as 11. If so how did it go, and have you any tips for settling everybody in?

jemimapotts Sun 19-Dec-10 10:05:59

Guess I'm the only one

1percentawake Sun 19-Dec-10 19:43:20

We did make a move from city to country but when DS was only 2.5 yrs so much younger. Has been hard trying to settle in to a village but I think a town would be much easier - especially if as you say there is lots going on.

It might be good to try and join things like the PTA to get involved with your DC's school and meet other parents etc.

Good luck - all sounds very exciting for you smile

jemimapotts Mon 20-Dec-10 09:04:52

Thanks 1percent.Good idea about PTA.
How long have you been in the country now? Do you miss the city?

goldenticket Mon 20-Dec-10 09:10:29

Is the 11yo in Y6 or Y7

jemimapotts Mon 20-Dec-10 09:44:44

In y6. We are moving now so he can start Y7 with everyone else. It seems like a great secondary, just hoping he'll get in as it's oversubscribed and we are applying late, as we had to have exchanged contracts before we could make an application.

jemimapotts Mon 20-Dec-10 09:47:22

I know it's not ideal to change primary in Y6 but apparently nearly all Y6 will be going to the high school, so at least he'll have a term and a half to get to know people he'll hopefully be in y7 with.

teta Mon 20-Dec-10 18:37:14

I moved when my eldest dc was nearly 11 - in year 6 - from overseas.Don't worry about your dc - they will make friends in a flash.Mine had friends by the end of the first day [even though she had come from a completely different educational system].She seemed to be an object of fascination in a very small rural town.It is more difficult for me to make friends.Most people here are born and bred here and have never lived anywhere else.I don;t seem to have much in common with them although they are all very friendly .The local schools are brilliant and it is a wonderful closeknit community here but just expect the locals to be wary for a while.

jemimapotts Mon 20-Dec-10 19:44:33

That's reassuring to hear teta. It's probably not that unusual an age to move, as people often move when their DC are about to start high school. I'm sure we'll all be ok. I need to stop worrying and get into the mindset that we are about to embark on an exciting family adventure!

chatee Mon 20-Dec-10 19:52:03

make sure you contact the new lea asap(tomorrow)if you haven't already done it, to inform them of exchange of contracts and be prepared to send them evidence asap and then it will help you in the initial allocation process(read up the lea procedures on allocation)as most have a process for this situation

good luck we are moving in the new year too, although will continue to travel to dc's school as no places for both of them(gladly as like their current school)
but it will change priorities for secondary as will be in catchment not borderline.

jemimapotts Tue 21-Dec-10 14:11:18

Just sent off application with proof of exchange of contracts. The new LEA said it will now be treated as a late application which I think means we will get into our first choice as we're well within the catchment. Phew!!!

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