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hi, i want to decorate the living space of my home in the colours on a peacock anyone fancy helping me in a vitual sense

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carriedaxmaspud Sat 18-Dec-10 17:01:45

these are the colours i like

i like the light green the best, but with a bit of dark green and teal thrown in for intrest.

i will need a large rug, cushions, accesories, vases, lamps etc

could do with few pointers or compling a virtual moodboard

i like this print i'm fairly good at painting a drawing and i was thinking of painting/drawing my own one, to give it a bit of a personal feel, what do you think, i sketched oine out v roughly on paper and it looked quite good.
althpugh it would be easier to buy one.

i wondered that other things in nature are the colours of a peacock, can't really think of anything ning/11/2just got these wine glasses but must admit the green ones are a bit darker than i'd ideally like, not sure if i should return them, although i love the shape, they do have some conical ones which aremore the right shade i was after but the shape is not quite as nice imo.

at the moment out house it white walls and bare light wood floors, so it needs a bit of colour

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 17:22:11


teta Sat 18-Dec-10 19:33:41

Go with a sofa in your favourite light green [or same colour throw on existing sofa].Add silk cushions in other peacock colours [dunelm is good for this] and painting in same colours [on white walls would look good].Add teal coloured side lamps and teal throw [ this colour is currently in so should be easy to source].Try for a rug in light green or failing that a white fluffy one.Look for a really lovely and appropriate ceiling light in keeping with theme or go for cool bare minimalism to accentuate other features.

lalalonglegs Sat 18-Dec-10 20:48:18

I think it would be fine to use those colours but I think then having a large print of a peacock may be, umm, gilding the lily - I don't think you really want to spell out your inspiration. You can get all those sorts of colours as staples at John Lewis fabric department or the blues can be quite Moroccan if you want to start looking in that direction for inspiration for throws, rugs etc.

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