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Need some advice on paint colour....

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rachelj Sun 12-Dec-10 22:16:22

Can't think straight! I have so many colours buzzing around my head. We are having the lounge and study decorated and want to use the same colour as they run into eachother via an archway. The lounge is quite big with a red sofa and spotlights, the study is small
and quite dark. Want to use a natural, warm colour on walls. Decorator says he prefers Dulux if poss. The colours I have looked at seem either too yellow or too cold. We want a bit of depth in the room, but not dark. Just feeling that we are looking for a needle in a haystack!

Any advice would be so welcome!

SaggyHairyArse Sun 12-Dec-10 22:36:43

I think it is Crown but I like Simply Pearl, it is neutral, greyish but warmish.

teta Tue 14-Dec-10 14:24:00

Our builder used a Wickes paint on our newly refurbished study having initially used it in the bathroom.It is a Wickes Matte Washable one called Barley.The colour is lovely and warm in our very dark study and it is practical with my 4 kids.I originally wanted to paint it french Grey by Little Green but my ds. said it looked like a dungeon!.There is also a 'fawn' colour in the range that is nice and a cream and 'champagne' colour that i have used in my other bathroom.The paint does need diluting as it is very thick, but gives a really good finish [i was initially wary of Wickes as i normally prefer F&B].

FellatioNelson Tue 14-Dec-10 18:17:20

A warm stone/taupe/hessian colour should go nicely with red, or a grey so long as it has a warm brown base, not a cool blue base.

rachelj Tue 14-Dec-10 18:20:41

Thanks so much for replies. Think that we have found a good one- candle cream from the Dulux Heritage range. Seems warm and light but not too yellow. Fingers crossed!

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