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Induction hobs

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DisparityCausesInstability Wed 08-Dec-10 15:38:06

Does a 5 ring (90cm) induction hob actually hold 5 pans or would we be better to go for a larger 4 ring (80cm) induction hob that can very comfortably hold 4 pans?

Chatelaine Thu 09-Dec-10 16:35:36

We have a 5 ring 90 cm Neff induction hob and are very pleased with it. The rings are of varying size with the largest in the middle which we do use for the large frying pan, or griddle. The extra unused space is not wasted as you can put plates on it ready to serve iyswim

DisparityCausesInstability Thu 09-Dec-10 16:54:23

Thanks Chatelaine - but do you ever have 5 pans on the go at the same time - would we not just get the extra space form an extra wide 4 ring hob?

Chatelaine Fri 10-Dec-10 10:16:22

No, I don't remember using all 5 at the same time! So it's likely that 4 would do the job. The five ring model does not make it crowded though if all five pans are on the go. The beauty is that they are varying sizes for varying sized pans. I do use them all though. The very large middle ring is placed like the centre dot on the dice (5) and this seems an ideal position for something very big. This middle ring is double ringed so that it only heats the additional diameter if a pan is in contact, otherwise a smaller pan sits within the inner ring. Is there a price difference?

DisparityCausesInstability Fri 10-Dec-10 10:55:08

I'm sure there is a small price difference - but it's more the design I prefer - the 5 ring version is framed and I want frameless but I don't want to go for design over function.

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