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Snow damaged gutters

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Moulesfrites Mon 06-Dec-10 18:15:27

Like many people, our guttering has been damaged by massive amounts of snow sliding off our roof. Some of the brackets have broken and the gutters seem to have warped or bent. We live in a new build and the house is only three years old. We had a warranty with the builders but it only lasted two years. Yesterday someone from elsewhere on the estate has been round with a petition against the builders. The same problem has affected every house on the estate built by our builder, but those built by aother firm are not affected. The guy said he has looked into it and the brackets are too far apart for the angle of the roof. When you look at other houses built by the other firm, their brackets are much closer together. Dh has had a roofer out today, who reckons it will cost a grand to fix. I am 33 weeks pregnant at the minute and am worrie about bringing a newborn into a damp house.

I know we could clan on the buildings insurance but that is due for renewal next week. Do you think we have a case against the builders and should we pursue this before making an insurance claim? Tia

Pannacotta Mon 06-Dec-10 18:18:43

First off I would get some more quotes, £1K to fix the gutters sounds like a lot of money to me as it is quite a straightforward job which shouldnt need scaffolding. We have had a lot of work done on our roof so I do have some idea of costs (unfortunately for me!).

Moulesfrites Mon 06-Dec-10 18:20:21

Yeah I was shocked by the cost but it is is a three story house so we would need scaffolding.

Pannacotta Mon 06-Dec-10 21:03:47

ASk if they can do the work with a cherry picker/hoist, as th ework itself wont take long so I think the bulk of your quote was probably the cost of the scaffolding.

thenightsky Mon 06-Dec-10 21:29:45

I'm in a new build and my gutters seem pretty wrecked with the snow too. some of them are hanging down and others seem all pushed out.

DH had a look and reckons he can fix himself once the snow has cleared enough to get a ladder up. Its just new rawl plugs that are needed to hold the brackets if its anyting like mine.

frasey Wed 05-Jan-11 15:43:25

Hi just a bit of advice for all of you with damaged gutters. I run a pvc cladding company. And it may not be the best time to fix it unless you can go through your insurance as most people are. If you are not covered remember most gutter companys are very busy. Most of our repairs have been repairs and it is not a full replacement.

Scaffolding is always a problem, especially if you are 3 lifts up. If anyone has no insurance and if its not going to fall on someones head, leave it until after the winter and your £1000 will be £400!

I charge my men out at £350 a day a gutter bracket costs £1 and a gutter about £12. So to charge £1000 is too expensive.

Good Luck

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