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Can someone please answer question about TileLoc flooring

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VivaLeBeaver Sun 05-Dec-10 15:44:23

The tile effect laminate stuff from b&q. I want to get some to fit in my hallway, have just seen a review saying to fit it before putting skirting boards on as otherwise there will be a gap. Is that true? My skirting boards are already on and I don't fancy taking them off.

wingandprayer Sun 05-Dec-10 15:52:37

It's because you have to leave a gap round the edge of tiled area to allow for expansion. Neatest and non visible way of doing this is to lay them without skirting boards so skirting boards then cover gap and looks tidy. You can of course lay them without removing boards but you will see the gap round edge. This can be minimized by using a cork or similarly flexible buffer strip.

Does that help?

SlobbyBOB Sun 05-Dec-10 15:54:16

Ideally yes, you would remove the skirting.

Just leave a 1/4" expansion gap between the flooring and skirting. You can get plastic spacers to keep the gap straight and even.

The finish off with edging trim. condid=10046452&fh_view_size=12&fh_start_index=60& fh_eds=%3f&fh_location=//catalog01/en_GB/categorie s%3C{9372013/categories%3C{9372028}/categories%3C{9 372109}&fh_refview=lister&ts=1291564083961&isSearc h=false&fl=1}

VivaLeBeaver Sun 05-Dec-10 15:58:50

Thanks both of you. Will get some of that edging strip. I've decided I want to get it done before DH comes back from business trip. He's back on the 17th so am planning to go to b&q tomorrow and get the stuff and then find a fitter to come and do it. ASAP.

Hall carpet has a big hole in it and DH wants to put lino down to replace it. I've suggested this as a comprimise and he said no. Thats was over a year ago and we've been at an impasse since. This will be a fair acompli if its done when he gets back. DD just saw me measuring up and is darkly fortelling doom when DH comes back!

SlobbyBOB Sun 05-Dec-10 16:02:21

Sneaky grin

Don't forget the underlay.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 05-Dec-10 16:04:06

Thanks, would have done!

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