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Cordless drill or normal one?

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AngelDog Fri 03-Dec-10 21:43:40

I'm thinking of getting DH a new drill for Christmas and I don't know whether to get a cordless one or a 'normal' one.

Are they any good, or do you just end up having to charge them every 10 minutes?

Furball Sat 04-Dec-10 08:45:24

Just asked dh who has 2! He said....

Must be 18V to get the power
and have lithiam ion battery

hope that helps

iamnotreallysure Sat 04-Dec-10 09:27:53

Cordless. For the flexability.

check out Wickes, Travis Perkins and other builders merchants as well as usual retailers for special offers.

Be aware of the different fitting types - there are 'professional' types of drill which take different drill bits than usual consumer types.

some are sold with 2 batteries which can be useful if doing a bigger job.

Batterery packs can be damaged by 'charging memory' so read the charging instructions (if he won't - a typical male failing)

AngelDog Sun 05-Dec-10 22:02:21

Thanks - I'll go for cordless then and have a look at the options available.

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