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Away during cold spell - frostfree setting on boiler??

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Gentleness Wed 01-Dec-10 12:18:52

Dh looked at the manual and decided to set the boiler on the frostfree setting while we are away for a week. I left it to him and now am freaking a bit - we don't have room thermostats - just individual ones on the radiators, so how on earth does it know when to come on! Family in the same area (Birmingham suburbs) have had a burst pipe, but they left the boiler completely off.

Can anyone reassure me or am I facing disaster when we get back - on a flippin' saturday - typical!

MyCatJeremy Wed 01-Dec-10 13:00:23

Not too sure but it sounds as if you are talking about a froststat setting? This is there to protect the actual boiler not pipes/radiators around the house. To protect from burst pipes leave the heating on low. I could be wrong, have not heard of a frostfree setting myself so hopefully it is a constant low temp across the whole house.

Gentleness Wed 01-Dec-10 14:43:31

Lesson from this - double check dh's ideas! I so hope we do not got back to a mess...

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