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Flat on the Market - desperate to move!

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Fortress Mon 29-Nov-10 20:21:32

Hi there
Have had out flat on the Market since the beginning of this month, have had 18 viewings, 2 second viewings and no offers
EA suggesting we lower the price.
Do you think we should just take it off and put it back on in Jan/feb?
Have 2 ds and we desperately need more space and some garden. We couldn't put it on last summer (when market may have been slightly better) as the building was being treated for dry rot
Feel so hopeless.....

Monkeytoo Mon 29-Nov-10 20:24:04

Is your estate agent asking the viewers for feedback? We're in the other situation at the moment, trying to buy, and in this market as long as the property was somewhere close to a reasonable price I would just make a lower offer, so it's probably not that alone.

Fortress Mon 29-Nov-10 20:30:00

Feedback from most is they love it but are worried prices will drop next year.
Other feedback - which I'm well aware of is that our garden isn't connected to the back of our flat. It's up a side path through a locked gate.
Thing is the basement flat in our building sold in days in the spring and that doesn't have a garden at all. It does have it's own private entrance door though I suppose. But we have stunning views :/

stevieknicks Mon 29-Nov-10 20:36:05

Oh Fortress I feel for you - I have 2 DC in a flat too and have been under offer since JUNE! We are desperate to move and have had our fourth house fall through today after spending a small fortune on surveys etc.

We are sure our buyers will pull out now after waiting so long so we too are worried about whether we will get good buyers again.

The issue with flats is that we are looking at FTBuyers probably, and they are finding it hard to borrow - and also being super cautious. It is also a funny time of the year, people waiting to see what happens after christmas.

It's just bloody depressing!

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