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To Fimbo, Hassled and all the other Norwich MNers...

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MegBusset Mon 29-Nov-10 14:20:43

...who have given me so much advice on Norwich threads over the past few months... we are exchanging contracts today (fingers crossed) and should be moved in by next week!!

throckenholt Mon 29-Nov-10 14:23:19

fingers crossed the snow has gone by then

Which area did you decide on in the end ?

MegBusset Mon 29-Nov-10 14:29:27

Thorpe St Andrew Hoping we won't have to fit snowplough to front of removals van!

Fleecy Mon 29-Nov-10 20:31:00

Oh welcome (shortly!) to East Norwich!

I'm in Thorpe End and my parents are in Thorpe St. Andres - it's lovely round here smile

MegBusset Mon 29-Nov-10 21:46:04

Oh we'll be practically neighbours! <wonders if Fleecy was the woman in Boden coat seen in TSA Sainsbury's at last visit>

Fleecy Mon 29-Nov-10 22:22:33

No Boden coat but often in Sainsburys. All too often... grin

Show of Hands is very close as well. I always look out for her in Sainsburys even though I have no idea what she looks like but know she likes hats! As do I.

Are your DC going to a local playschool or nursery?

MegBusset Mon 29-Nov-10 22:45:34

Yes DS1 will be going to preschool from January, I will PM you if it's likely to be the same one, what age are your DC? I'll also be looking for playgroups to take DS2 to so any recommendations welcome!

Fleecy Tue 30-Nov-10 13:57:26

Have sent you a message - from the looks of your profile, our DC are similar ages but if you're anything like me, I forget to update it grin

Fleecy Tue 30-Nov-10 13:57:47

That didn't make sense - sorry!

5GoldenFimbos Tue 30-Nov-10 15:54:14

Ooh welcome Meg!!! Pity I am the exact opposite end of the A47 to you!

Maybe one day I will be brave enought to start a Norwich meet up, but need to lose about 4 stone first!

Merrylegs Wed 01-Dec-10 20:06:10

Welcome Meg - that was quick! Tis very icy up here at the moment. Mind how you go.

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