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updating radiators

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biliouspoo Thu 25-Nov-10 19:16:02

Does anyone know about modern radiators (for gas central heading)?

I'm thinking that while we decorate I may as well replace a couple of odd sized radiators, rather than get them painted etc.

There seem to be 1000 different types of fancy radiators available now, and I assume at least some are more effective than the old style radiators that we have.

I just want something efficient and functional that would fit in a victorian terrace. Something that you can dry clothes on etc.

Been looking at these these thick ones and these aluminium ones.

If anyone understands the options and ranges would be v grateful for advice.

Also what to do with the old ones?

cybbo Thu 25-Nov-10 19:31:38

I ahve got ones like your first link and love them

I also have cheaper panel rads with a nice rad cover over the top which provides a shelf

old ones you can just tip? Of if in good nick ebay

Pannacotta Thu 25-Nov-10 23:31:12

I've also got a couple of the column rads as per your first link, they seem very good (were only put in 2 weeks ago). Our house is Victorian and I think these look much nicer than standard steel rads, though they do cost much more.

The cheapest range I have found is B&Q, so have a look there, esp if they are doing a promotion.
YOu need to know the BTUs you need before you buy, a heating engineer can help or you can find on-line calculators if you do a search.

biliouspoo Fri 26-Nov-10 18:11:11

Thanks, the column ones are favorite, but more I think about getting them I wonder why not buy one or two old cast iron ones...

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