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keeping my freshly sanding floors as pale and whitish as poss?

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ctkss Mon 22-Nov-10 15:22:01

have sanded my floors, i want a limed effect anyone got any solutions, i only want a matt finish and want the pine to stay as pale as poss, am thinking of watering down a white emulsion and then using a varnish over the top, anyone ever done this?

teta Mon 22-Nov-10 16:42:45

Google 'Woca Wood Lye' for pale swedish floors.The swedes use Lye to bleach and stop the yellowing, so failing that, google combinations of swedish floors etc.

lalalonglegs Mon 22-Nov-10 19:30:12

I'd be really interested if you find a clear varnish that isn't yellowy when it's applied - they always seem to turn nice aged pine (or any other wood) orange. It's so disappointing.

greenlotus Mon 22-Nov-10 22:22:11

how about Osmo Polyx-Oil, it's more hardwearing than a varnish IME. comes in various tints including transparent white.

Most varnishes and oils will bring up the colour/grain of the wood though, maybe a wax would be less obvious but then it's less durable too.

passthecheese Tue 23-Nov-10 10:27:06

We had sanded floorboards which were deal, which is extremely yellowish, so to counteract this I applied a slightly watered down pale blue (which we had used on the walls) and some white emulsion, which was enough to counteract the yellowness of the boards and make it more whitish with a slight blue cast. Then on top I applied a waterbased varnish probably from Ronseal, we were in the house for about 16months afterwards and it lasted very well in that time.

I think it is the nature of the boards to some extent that when exposed to light they do go more yellow, even if you use a water based varnish which is better at not yellowing. My oak boards that were covered for some years are still lighter than those that were always uncovered.

Good luck, I'm sure your floor will look great when finished.

greenlotus Tue 23-Nov-10 12:48:48

you can buy "UV wax" as well which is meant to be sunlight proof, or reduce the effects I guess.

ctkss Tue 23-Nov-10 22:57:18

Thank you so much for the woca wood lye tip - off, spoke to someone about it and hopefully is exactly what I need - will let you know how it works out.

ctkss Tue 23-Nov-10 22:59:34

In fact thanks everyone - first time I've posted a question and can't believe how helpful it's been.

noddyholder Tue 23-Nov-10 23:01:45

I have just done some worktops with osmomoil and it is fantastic

greenlotus Tue 23-Nov-10 23:13:24

Which product was that noddyholder (can I hijack)? Was it Top-oil or something else? Is it the holy grail of waterproof worktop oil?

noddyholder Tue 23-Nov-10 23:15:36

polyx oil high solid 3062 matt really is brilliant

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