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Changing Agent/Joint Agency

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Fiddledee Thu 18-Nov-10 10:12:54

My contract has run out on my EA but I haven't given them the 28 notice as required on their contract (is that really necessary if the contract period has ended?). I want rid of them asap and put on with another agent as the people we are buying on are willing to wait a few weeks to see if we can find another buyer (been through 2 so far).

I would prefer to appoint another agent now but worried that I will have to pay joint agency fees for 28 days (which we need to have sold in anyway to keep our chain)?

Anybody experienced this?

lalalonglegs Thu 18-Nov-10 10:51:25

You can appoint another agent but get them to market without any hoopla until the 28 day period is over. Even if you got an offer tomorrow, you would be unlikely to exchange within four weeks so the first agency would have no comeback - just give them written notice today and get someone else to start ringing round clients immediately, telling them that they have something coming on the market but haven't got details ready yet. You might find that it's pretty quiet at this time of year, however.

Good luck.

nikos Thu 18-Nov-10 12:06:32

If the house sells to someone the first agency introduces to the property, and you put it on with another agent then you could be liable to 2 sets of fees. We are in the same situaton and didn't realise about the 28 day notice period. Thought contract would end on the day stated on he contract. Have had a second agency round and are going to do pics etc before the 28 days and then hit the ground running when notice period ends.

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