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Replacing bathroom suite - how much?

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LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 20:03:12

We have a standard size family bathroom that needs updated. Any ideas/ experience?
Also, to save money, has anyone tiled their own bathroom? We have so much to do that we are looking to save pennies wherever we can.

lalalonglegs Sat 13-Nov-10 20:16:46

I recently got a quote from Bathstore for just over #2k to include the following: a steel bath, an overbath shower, a bath/shower screen, a slightly posh loo, a posh basin, very nice tap for the basin, fancy wallplate that would fill bath and control shower, a storage unit under sink. A lot of the stuff was on sale but Bathstore does have a lot of sales.

Yes, I have tiled my own bathroom. Get very big tiles so you don't have to do as much cutting.

LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 20:22:53

Hello again! Just been looking at the bathstore site and quite liking the euro duo range - although the basin furniture I liked is out of stock. Do bathstore have fitters ?
I fancied the square style shower bath, but am concerned about the lounging potential in the bath - sides look a bit steep smile

LunaticFringe Sat 13-Nov-10 20:52:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 21:02:07

What!???!! shock
Where do you recommend for bath suites then? Homebase? Any suggestions anyone? Anyone like their suite?

scurryfunge Sat 13-Nov-10 21:04:00

We used Dolphin. Very good and the fitter was brilliant -within timescale and no mess.

LunaticFringe Sat 13-Nov-10 21:07:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 21:32:08

Anyone used b&q? Just looked online and have a half price sale On the Cooke and Lewis range. Looks nice!

LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 21:35:49

Scurryfunge - how did dolphin rate for price?

scurryfunge Sat 13-Nov-10 21:55:41

We had a new bath, toilet, sink, separate shower cubicle, flooring, ceiling, tiling, lighting and heating for £9000.

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