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Planning a Granny Annexe

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JCarrolll Mon 08-Nov-10 21:59:14

Hi we are looking to invite Granny to live with us and would like to convert some outbuildings to a granny annexe. I'm not so concerned about the building but would be grateful to hear of other peoples experiences of having a granny annexe and how the dynamics actually work.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback



neverquitesure Tue 09-Nov-10 09:38:25

Can't speak from personal experience I'm afraid, but when MIL built hers she was strongly advised by friends who already had them to (if possible)...

- give it a separate external entrance but also include an internal door/covered walkway that can be used at a later date if Granny needs a bit more help.

- section off an adjoining bit of garden/patio to go with it.

- make sure it has it's own laundry facilities.

I suspect most of the dynamics will come down to how much practical assistance Granny needs/is likely to need in the future and how you both feel about privacy and your 'own space' (e.g. will you phone before popping round, knock on the door or just walk straight in, etc)

Nessa104 Sun 07-Oct-12 00:01:50

Hello everyone , my question, in my mothers garden is an annex, complete with bathroom, kitchenette, sleeping area, heating. This has been in place since 1972. She bought the property in 1992. We have all used this on and off when staying with mum. (For a while a friend stayed after a horrid divorce, )But Mum is now older, has health issues, and a big equity release hanging over the property. We have decided to bye the bungalow and pay off the equity release,so she can move into the annex ( not connected to the bungalow) and we then live in the bungalow, taking care of her. What the worry is what can the council do regarding her still living independently ... But with help in our garden?

NewNames Sun 07-Oct-12 00:08:06

Separate access but physically attached to your house - that way you won't have to get its own energy certificates, gas inspections, council tax (I think). Also good for tax (if you ever rent it out) you just pay tax on any money over £4,250.

NewNames Sun 07-Oct-12 00:08:50

Oops just noticed how old this is!

NewNames Sun 07-Oct-12 00:11:36

Not sure I understand your question re help in the garden...?

If you want social care support for your mum the council will take into account any assets she has. If she has over £16,000 she won't get housing benefit for eg. (can't remember numbers for social care).

If the building has separate access I don't see why home help can't come and go

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