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Removal Companies/House Moving

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Borisismyhousespider Wed 03-Nov-10 17:39:11

Ok, I want to know what I'm letting myself in for and I need some help!
It's looking exceedingly likely that I'm going to be moving house in the next 6 weeks, with 2 out of 3 kids that I didn't have when we all moved in here! (how much stuff, gulp) This is the first time I've moved a WHOLE House full of stuff (as I joined dh and ss in the house we're currently in and we've grown a lot of stuff in the last 9 years....) so:

What are your tips for moving?
What should I expect of the removals company/does anyone recommend a particular company to use?
Should I not pack certain things until the last day?
How long does it take to get sorted at the other end? (I'm self employed and can't give myself any holidays, so it'll be evenings and Sundays only (and possibly Xmas/Boxing day!!)
All help hugely appreciated, or should I just stick my head in the sand?

awubble Wed 03-Nov-10 19:04:51

Oh god....i wish you well.


Seriously, you won't believe how much stuff you have. The day you actually move should be left for packing the very very few things you needed that day..kettle, toaster etc.

The other end is so different, still slightly stressful but with a lot of fun and and relief thrown in.

Moving out is hell, moving in is fun )

Best of luck

moomiemoo Wed 03-Nov-10 19:20:27

Don't pack yourself!

Get the removal company to do it. I've got 3 under 4s and we're moving out next week. I am going to spend a day this weekend sorting and getting rid of rubbish then they'll pack our stuff over a day and a half. I was surprised how little extra it cost for the packing - worth every penny!

I'd recommend, at the other end, getting the kitchen unpacked first (although if you're anything like me you'll rearrange it a few times once you're settled!) I totally agree with awubble and enjoy unpacking and settling into a new house.

And pack your car with all the stuff you'll want immediately and anything sentimental or especially valuable.

Good luck - to both if us!

Phoenix Wed 03-Nov-10 19:47:02

Sorry, no idea I moved in with dh too) but bumping for you

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 03-Nov-10 20:03:51

I'm never moving house. Ever.
Dh and I moved from a (large) 2 bed flat to our current place (which you've seen obv) pre kids, and that was bad enough. We wanted packers but didn't have enough notice of the day, so we (ie I) did it ourselves, and they just moved us on the day. It was bad enough then (and I started a good few weeks early iirc), so I can't imagine how much worse it would be now with stuff for 3 kids plus all the growth in our own stuff.

I'd start by tackling one or two rooms each week, starting now, and going through them getting rid of stuff that you don't really need/want.

And don't forget to sort the loft/garage if you have them. Or rather make dh sort them.

CrispyTheCrisp Wed 03-Nov-10 20:06:43

The BEST thing I have ever spent money on is a full packing and unpacking service. I can't remember exactly how much it was but £800 springs to mind (including the normal move costs and an overnight trip). We used GB Liners who were very good

Keep out your kettle vodka grin

laundrylover Wed 03-Nov-10 22:07:11

I'm not a good one to ask Boris - we've moved quite a few times, twice since we've had kids. However every time has been rather chaotic - we've always done it ourselves using friends and a van and despite trying to get stuff packed in advance we always end up chucking things in at the end.

Most confusing time was when we did a house swap and we both had the same Ikea bits and bobs, same Dyson etc....we didn't know what was meant to be going in or out!

Anyhows in an ideal world I would say to start now, do lots of sorting, big charity shop run etc. If you are anything like us you will have a garage, loft and a few cupboards stuffed with stuff you never use!

As you know our plan is to head off travelling again in the next few years and rent this place out but how on earth we'd clear it for renting I don't know.....

So, start small - sort kids wardrobes and do a toy weed, all the time keeping your fingers crossed that one of those viewers comes up with the readies soongrin.

Astrophe Wed 03-Nov-10 22:15:51

Fingers crossed Boris!!!
in the few weeks before you move, label a large box "open first" and start putting essentials into it. Pair of jammies and undies and set of clothes per child, box of tissues, toilet roll, 5 cups/plates etc (plastic), baby wipes, pens and pencils, paper, camera, can opener, box of cereal, long life milk, etc etc.

On moving day, make sure the box either goes into the truck last, or, better still, goes with you in the car.

I second cant sleeps tip of sorting the loft/garage NOW. Also storage cupboards (DC old clothes? Your old clothes?) and papers and documents. Do them NOW!

Once you start packing, do the stuff you never use first - back of kitchen cupbpards, the good china, whatever, and label those boxes with numbers in order. So when you are unpacking, you know that boxes 1,2,3, etc are pretty unimportant and don't need to be unpacked in a hurry.

We ended up doing as much as we could ourselves over a few weks - all the easy stuff like books and linen, and then paid packers to do all the china/glass/ornaments/framed pictures etc, which didn't cost too much but saved us hours.

I might think of some more...

Borisismyhousespider Wed 03-Nov-10 22:19:01

Thanks everyone! good handy hints there, so I'll grab the vodka this Sunday and weed out the kids rooms, does that sound right grin
I'll seriously look into getting someone else to do the packing then.....gibber and definately get dh to sort the loft and garage CSWS as his mess is amazing hmm

Borisismyhousespider Wed 03-Nov-10 22:19:49

CSWS I also get the feeling that it will be a we (I) packing situation here too....

Borisismyhousespider Wed 03-Nov-10 22:23:57

Hey cross posts Astro! right, get packers to do the 'best china' I have a little bit of that (courtesy of dh's mum! oh and our wedding posh wine glasses!) I weeded the paperwork yesterday and managed to break the shredder in the process hmm seems 3 buckets in a row was too much for it blush

Moomiemoo, Good luck with your move!

manonamission Fri 12-Nov-10 15:10:29

Get the company to do as much as they offer. I hear this house clearance company are very reliable and professional. Whoever you use though, it's going to be a headache and stressful- hence my advice of getting someone else to do as much as possible! God I sound so depressing don't I. But think about your new lovely home!!!!

jf12345 Thu 04-Aug-11 12:20:06

We have just completed a move in June and let me tell you it would have been a whole different story if it wasnt for employing the services of a removal company. Through online research we found to be the most reliable talked about in forums, and one of my girlfriends had used them before

Not only were they really professional and personal when it came to tailoring your move they also offer impartial advice through there website see here

They provided all the boxes and packing allowing us to really concentrate on all the paperwork and other stressfull tasks that come with moving home.
I wish you the best of luck and i hope this helps.

SlackSally Thu 04-Aug-11 13:49:38

Advert much?

lalababy Thu 04-Aug-11 14:06:01

Hi I can recommend Aussie Man and Van. I have used them 3 times before as have most of my friends family. Last time I moved, I found out 3 days before that I had to go to Australia for work during the move. I called these guys uo (and get a friend to open the door) and they can and packed everything up perfectly. Marked what was in each box on a list and then moved everything in 1 day. (Depends how much stuff you have!) When I got back 2 weeks later, all the boxes were well organised in the new house, clearly marked with what was in each box allowing me to unpack at my leisure. (Although they also have an unpacking service!)

haggisaggis Thu 04-Aug-11 14:11:44

If you do go for the full pack option make sure you clear out everything you don't want first - as they pack anything lying about - we unrapped a jar containing 1 pickled onion and vinegar the kids had left on the worktop. It had been carefully wrapped in several sheets of white paper and packed. They also packed the garage sweepings dh had left on the garage floor.
Also stipulate very carefully what is to be unpacked first - we knew delivery woudl take 2 days but beacuse they unpacked on day one what had been packed last (garage stuff mostly) we were left the firts night with mattresses, one couch and a tv. We ahd to put dirty bedding back on teh beds as they clean stuff was all at teh back of the truck for delivery day 2..
(we did have a kettle and 2 wine glasses though!!)
We also found the unpackers in a hurry to finish so although they were meant to do a full unpack they persuaed us it would be easier for us if tehy just left everything in boxes - we had over 300 of them and it took ages to unpack and flat pack the boxes. They do put boxes in teh rooms they are meant for but because by teh time it is all unpacked tehre is no floor space left it is pretty awful.
Good Luck!!

thesurgeonsmate Thu 04-Aug-11 14:19:44

My experience of removal men is that they arrive and do a big show of it all being about to go tits up so that by the end of the day when it all goes pretty well you're eating out their hands. So I would say don't panic if things start with a bit of tooth-sucking and niggle about what the agreed plan was...

mistlethrush Thu 04-Aug-11 14:27:30

I was pretty ill when we moved - pre children - managed to do stuff until about 9.30am when I was stationed in an empty sitting room wtih pot of tea and mug - I was moved to new house and installed on dining room floor to direct operations from there. Packing service worth every penny. Keep the kettle, mugs, milk and teabags in the car with you.

Ideally have a good idea of what goes where in new house - so that you can get them to mark boxes from certain rooms and they will know where to put them - bedrooms best go by colour - eg boxes with a red dot go in the room that's had a piece of paper with a red dot blutacked to the door....

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