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Why would the price a house sold for NOT be on the land registry website?

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ElspethDiggory Sun 31-Oct-10 19:20:44

Pure nosiness but a house I was interested in buying on my road was sold in late spring. Although subsequent sales in the area are up on the website, this one is not. Why would that be?

Marrow Sun 31-Oct-10 19:24:50

I don't know why but I know it took 10 months for the price I paid for my house to appear. However the house I sold was on there three weeks after we moved.

lalalonglegs Sun 31-Oct-10 19:25:18

There are a few inputting errors which means that they sometimes don't show up because they've got the address/postcode very slightly wrong. It takes up to 3 months after completion to appear so unless the new owners moved in 3 months or more ago, it might still be waiting to go through. I think there are ways of hiding the sale if you buy it as part of a company (usually a false one) in order to develop the land so if it's on a big plot then that might have happened.

ElspethDiggory Sun 31-Oct-10 19:28:38

I think it was just a straight forward private sale so no reason to suspect the buying as part of a company thing. I will keep obsessing watching in case it's the same situation as yours marrow blush grin

oooggs Sun 31-Oct-10 19:37:34

part exchange, house not sold for true value (ie sold to family member) the obvious human inputting errors, time - probably more but I haven't been into work for a while!!

said Sun 31-Oct-10 19:42:15

My last house is not on the LR records as it was a freehold but I was to collect the rents from a number of leaseholders. Therefore, it was listed at the LR as a multiple address. The LR only lists single residential property transactions

ElspethDiggory Sun 31-Oct-10 20:25:34

It was a probate sale, bought by an unrelated family so still none the wiser!

scurryfunge Sun 31-Oct-10 20:28:50

Have you tried any other sites, like zoopla?

harpsichordcarrier Sun 31-Oct-10 20:30:58

yes the data is always at least three months old.
the data comes from the building society and could be delayed. OR there are inputting errors.

ElspethDiggory Sun 31-Oct-10 20:32:47

Yes I tried Zoopla and NetHousePrices too, no luck. It is definitely more than three months ago that the house was bought.

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Sun 31-Oct-10 20:41:58

I don't think the house shows up if it is bought outright ie without any mortgage.

mrspickles Sun 31-Oct-10 20:43:33

It just means the solicitor is being sloooooow to register it with the Land Registry or there are some probs with registration. It does show even if bought without a mortgage.

MollieO Sun 31-Oct-10 20:45:08

That's not correct. My mum's house is there and that was bought without a mortgage.

ElspethDiggory Sun 31-Oct-10 20:53:17

YY I thought EVERY property needed to be registered. I will keep looking then, I am itching to know what the family paid for it!

SingingTunelessly Sun 31-Oct-10 20:53:26

Well my house isn't on that list nor are at least two others sold in the past 2 years that I know of. Those lists always seem to be a bit and miss to me.

ummagumma Sun 31-Oct-10 21:06:22

I also thought it was because house was bought without mortgage.

said Sun 31-Oct-10 21:59:04

I asked the LR directly why my old house wasn't on it. Why don't you just email/ring them?

Wollstone Mon 01-Nov-10 04:31:30

Are you sure that the sale went through?

mrspickles Mon 01-Nov-10 07:18:31

The only other reason will be if a house is unregistered land, some old houses which have not changed ownership for a long time or changed ownership under certain circumstances will not be on there. If you bought recently and your house is not on there get onto your solicitor because they have not done their job properly!

puffylovett Mon 01-Nov-10 10:05:56

Ooh watching with interest. A house I loved sold last year, and hasn't appeared on LR yet. It wasn't a private sale & I think I know what it went for, but wanted it confirmed because I'm interested in offering on a house a few doors down.

HaveToWearHeels Mon 01-Nov-10 10:16:30

My house is registered but at the totally wrong price, which has made us chuckle. The price shown was the price it was marketed at (new property) but we paid 40k less. Not sure why. Our neighbours property wasn't registered with the land registry for nearly two years as the developer had placed the fence in the wrong place so there was a boundry dispute. Could be a reason why ?

AllieAG Wed 09-May-12 10:26:17

We put a bid on a repossed house, we were told we had it then next day told we were outbid. Its two years later and still not on the LR. LR said it was private sale so not obligation to put on list!

vivandtom Wed 09-May-12 10:34:09

Maybe be wrong but - I don't think it's actually 'the law' that you have to register property transactions at the land registry.

I know property renovators/builders often don't register ownership as if they did, buyers would know how much they paid and spent on the renovation and use it as a fierce haggling tool.

It's like car dealers not putting their details on the V5 when they take your trade-in - they don't want to add another owner to the vehicle as it affects the value.

sybilwibble Wed 09-May-12 11:13:07

Surely you would have no idea if the family purchasing the house routed their finances through an offshore property company set up to purchase the house or not?
I recently discovered that someone close to me bought their last family home this way, in order to avoid stamp duty but I'd have had no idea prior to being told. They didn't own a business, weren't property developers, not bought any house other than this one. They were just advised by a close friend that this was a good way to purchase. To the outside they looked like a young family purchasing a house, nothing out of the ordinary. Their home does not show up on any sold price websites.

SoupDragon Wed 09-May-12 12:42:30

My house isn't on there and it was bought in 2002. With a mortgage. And is definitely correctly registered.

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