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Anyone got a stylish folding shower screen?

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linspins Sun 31-Oct-10 17:35:41

Our bathroom is so extremely tiny, that we can't have a huge straight/flat shower screen across the bath as I wouldn't be able to reach the children at bath time, but my heart sinks at the thought of shower curtains. We're about to have the bathroom re-done, (goodbye mouldy old green suite, hello shiny white bath and proper shower) and I'm wondering if you can get nice looking shower screens that fold back mostly flat? Concertina style?
Have you got one, where did it come from? Is it water tight? I'd really appreciate comments, otherwise it'll be yucky old curtain again....

Heartsease Sun 31-Oct-10 18:27:08

I saw a really lovely one when we were bathroom shopping -- it was very solid and really great for a small space. We played for it for ages in the showroom and rather loved it. It felt really solid and functional. Don't remember what brand it was though -- Infinity maybe, that rings a bell. There are definitely some really good ones out there. We only didn't get one because we went for a P shaped showerbath instead.

linspins Sun 31-Oct-10 18:41:28

Hello Heartsease, I think I saw that thread about p shaped baths. I'll have a search now for Infinity...the only thing about looking on the internet is that you need to be able to then go to a showroom and see one, and play with it like you did to know whether it'll do!
Anyone else?

Pannacotta Sun 31-Oct-10 18:44:21

We don't have one but this looks very good I think olding-Bath-Screens/sc1646/p4317.aspx

linspins Sun 31-Oct-10 18:50:52

Hi Panacotta, I did see that one and yes, it does look lovely, but it wouldn't work in our bathroom because when it's open you wouldn't be able to get to the taps or shower controls. So you couldn't run a bath or switch on the shower without being inside the bath. I did wonder about this but I'd love to hear from someone who actually has one.

Heartsease Sun 31-Oct-10 18:59:34

Linspins, I don't remember discussing this in much more detail on the P-shaped thread (I was very reluctant to get a P-shape, but a compromise has been achieved chez Hearts). I am pretty sure the one on the link is the one I saw; I hope someone else can give you a real life report on it.

Pannacotta Sun 31-Oct-10 19:08:11

This looks almost identical to the one on your link, but is cheaper, it has two good reviews as well olding-Bath-Screens/sc1646/p17134_review.aspx#revi ew

LionOnTheFloorInAPoolOfBlood Sun 31-Oct-10 19:11:49

Have you seen the Outasight screen?? Had one in previous house and it is actually really good and very unobtrusive. Stays mould free as long as spray every now and again with the Dettol anti-mould.

linspins Mon 01-Nov-10 07:08:50

Hey Liononthefloor, that's quite ingenious. Did you bother putting it away after each use, or only when you wanted a bath or visitor were coming? Did you put it away wet?
Thanks panacotta for link, yes I think that is just a thinner, cheaper version.

LizLemon Mon 01-Nov-10 07:15:13

We had the same problem with a tiny bathroom and got a Coram folding screen. The panels are glass rather than plastic so it doesn't come cheap, but it doesn't look cheap either - the bathroom fitter even commented on the quality of it. Folds back really well, and looks as good as new almost 3 years later.

like this one r_screen_five_panel_folding_bath_screen.html but we only got a four panel version. Wish we'd gone for five in hindsight.

LizLemon Mon 01-Nov-10 07:15:50

bleh. Screwed up the link. n_five_panel_folding_bath_screen.html

LionOnTheFloorInAPoolOfBlood Mon 01-Nov-10 12:08:36

lins, it can be put away wet, but we usually left it up to dry - sometimes that meant it was up for days blush. But in a small bathroom it was so nice to fold it all away to almost nothing. And it didn't seem to get a mould problem, but whenever we've had shower screens or cubicles they just attract mould and limescale and soapscum - very difficult to keep sparkling

linspins Mon 01-Nov-10 17:13:00

LizLemon, I like the look of that Coram one. Have you got it in white or chrome? and do you not find the 4 panel one long enough? I was planning something about as long as the 4 panel one but did wonder if DH would still manage to splash water on the floor!

LizLemon Tue 02-Nov-10 19:35:42

We've got it in chrome - looks nice with the taps. I want a longer one because we went for an overhead shower instead of one fixed to the wall and I get water everywhere. DH smugly doesn't, but I claim I've got more hair to wash... I really do like the 4 panel, & if your shower will be on the wall it'll be fine.

linspins Wed 03-Nov-10 19:53:41

Thanks Lizlemon for replying, I think we might order the 5 panel one anyway, as DH is pretty splashy, and I don't want to be on his case all the time about water on the floor! I couldn't decide about chrome or white but that's a good point about it matching the taps etc.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
Old bathroom ripped out now and walls plastered, new bath in so far and tiles going up tomorrow - very excited!

linspins Fri 12-Nov-10 20:49:59

So, quick update, we bought the coram 5 panel one in white and it was fitted today. It looks great and folds back really small, and tomorrow when the tile grout is set I can have my first shower!! I'm hoping it won't leak water all over the floor. Now just gotta paint the walls and get some flooring and my shiny new bathroom is all finished. Yay!

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