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Favourite Farrow & Ball colour?

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saltyseadog Sun 05-Sep-10 20:12:51

We're just about to start re-decorating and being faced with the massivvvve choice on the F&B colour card I'm wondering what other people have plumped for (and for which room)?

Any colours that have proved disappointing once on the wall?

hitmouse Sun 05-Sep-10 20:13:42

James White (I think it's called). It was a horrible green on my walls.

midnightexpress Sun 05-Sep-10 20:17:35

My old kitchen was clunch - it's lovely. I painted a hall in one of the blues - sugar bag or ballroom blue? Can't quite remember. Anyway, it looked like a tomb so was promptly repainted. it was recommended by a friend who had it in a bedroom where it looked gorgeous. So much depends on the light I think.

There's a lovely blue called Borrowed light that I had in a sitting room too - was v nice.

saltyseadog Sun 05-Sep-10 20:18:36

Oooh yukk.

That's what I'm worried about. We recently used Crown Period 'Lime White' and it's horrid - looked great on the paint card though.

Haliborange Sun 05-Sep-10 20:19:50

I've used Lime White in our old house, which gave a nice result and which seemed to change depending on the light.

I am about to use skimming stone in our current living room, and hope it looks ok!

Oh, my decorator gave me a tip. If you're using lime white, it is essentially magnolia so you can use 2 coats of B&Q or Dulux magnolia, for example, and then a third of F&B on top and it looks great apparently, for less cost.

Haliborange Sun 05-Sep-10 20:20:38

Blackened looks very blue on our walls (not the very pale grey I was hoping for) so has been rejected.

midnightexpress Sun 05-Sep-10 20:20:44

Oh and my DSs' room is citron - it's a bold yellow, with a touch of green in it i think. Very lovely. I bought all sorts of samplers in an attempt to avoid paying 40 quid for a feckin can of paint, but all the others just didn't have the depth or complexity of colour <^what^ a twat I sound>.

Have you seen kevin McClouds book 'Choosing Colours'? It is really great - has lots of palettes for different types of room and gives references for the paints and has a website where you can order them all. It doesn't actually feature that many F&B colours, but has lots of lovely ideas for colour combinations.

HerHonesty Sun 05-Sep-10 20:26:06

currently have skimming stone in living room, subdued but lovely. clunch in kitchen, a little too creamy but a nice colour. light blue in downstairs toilet, fab. london stone in ensuite, lovely.

Vulgar Sun 05-Sep-10 20:26:16

I second Clunch -lovely.

we've got light blue in our bedroom and it's lovely. Changes colour depending on the light. Bedroom is a bright room tho'.

living room is north facing and dark so we used light hound lemon - v nice too.

Vulgar Sun 05-Sep-10 20:27:02

Forgot to say - I don't recommend slipper satin as it dries really streaky for some reason!

mrspink27 Sun 05-Sep-10 20:28:51

bone is lovely - as is elephant's breath.

Alouiseg Sun 05-Sep-10 20:31:53

Lamp Room Grey. It reminds me of Abercrombie & Fitch shops

cluelessnchaos Sun 05-Sep-10 20:35:52

Elephants breath and clunch

DukesOfTripHazard Sun 05-Sep-10 20:56:11

Slipper satin was fine in our kitchen.

HerHonesty how would you describe skminning stone? Thinking of putting it in east facing bedroom.

MarshaBrady Sun 05-Sep-10 20:58:01

I really like the F&B we have here, but was here when we bought the house so can't be sure what it is.

So really am just posting to see other people's suggestions for future use grin

Katisha Sun 05-Sep-10 20:58:48

French Grey in our kitchen. I really like the way it looks diferent depending on the light - sometimes much greener, sometimes like a washed out greeny-grey.

Littlefish Sun 05-Sep-10 21:00:36

We have "Vert de terre" in our kitchen. It's a lovely green colour.

We are about to do "light blue" in our bathroom, which is actually a sort of grey.

drivingmissdaisy Sun 05-Sep-10 21:06:40


Sinkingfeeling Sun 05-Sep-10 21:09:46

Our kitchen units are painted in Bone and our tongue and groove in the bathroom in parma grey - both are lovely. Can't afford F&B in all our rooms though!

lindsell Sun 05-Sep-10 21:09:50

We have and I love Teresa's green (deep duck egg blue) in the hallway, pale powder (lighter duck egg blue) in the bathroom, green ground (a bit appley in colour but not too dark) in the kitchen, farrow's cream (rich creamy colour) in living room, tallow (pale ivory) in dining room.

We did have dorset cream in sitting room but was disappointed with how it looked in different lights, it could look a bit muddy and dark so painted over it. Also have lancaster yellow in ds' room and bit disappointed as not as cheery as I thought it would be.

Bit of an F&B fan grin

saltyseadog Sun 05-Sep-10 21:17:06

I am sitting here with my paint card thinking 'hmmmmm lovely' to all of them

Has anyone used Parma Gray?

escorchio Sun 05-Sep-10 21:20:43

Pale powder in our dining room, Clunch living room and porch. About to do bedroom furniture in Light Blue. All gorgeous. smile

hester Sun 05-Sep-10 21:22:54

I've got Strong White all over the place: it's lovely. It looks white used alone, but pale grey when used against pure white.

I've also used Blackened, which is a pale bluey grey. Very nice if you don't mind it looking blue in some lights.

In the past I've used Matchstick, which is a nice buff colour.

lindsell, the rather posh mums at my dd's school recently did a pub quiz based on the F&B paint card grin

Merle Sun 05-Sep-10 21:25:28

Cooking apple green in my study.

Arsenic in the boys's bedroom.

Saxon Green in the dining roon.

Dix Blue and India Yellow (not sure about the second name) in our bedroom.

We have used Tallow on all the woodwork,also a few of the greys to pick out features.

It's all great, I think.

Merle Sun 05-Sep-10 21:26:18

I haven't used it but I think that Cord is fantastic.

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