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How to hang curtains

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lucyspangle Sun 05-Sep-10 14:05:18

Well more a case of how to gather pencil pleat curtains- have just picked up curtains from makers- very heavy and very large (window is 4 metres wide) hence curtains very expensive so don't want to make a mess of things at this stage.

Fool proof tips please on how to achieve nice evenly pleated curtains

The heading taps are stitched at one end- there is a plastic gadget supposedly to help but absolutely no idea how it is supposed to work despite reading the instructions twenty times.Do I take a deep breath and just pull?

Help please those in the know

size6feet Mon 06-Sep-10 11:34:42

Hi - I am surprised that they havent fitted them too! Its all part of the service, surely for an independant maker?

ok, one end is stitched so that end goes to the middle of the window. You have a left and a right-side curtain.

step 1 At the unstitched end pull out the cords. With the ends of the cords level, wind cords around your palm. With the other hand push tape back. When you have a few gathers work them along. Keep winding and pushing until all the tape's gathered. (Use flat fingers to slide it along as they sort of settle in between the pencil pleats) Make sure theres no slack parts on the cords.

Measure the length of the track and halve it.
Add about 20cm. Let your curtain Out to that measurement and adjust the gathers.

Next bit very important - dont knot the cords . This is where you use the white plastic cord winder. Place it next to the tape and slide the cords here between the slit. Wind up the cords and tuck in the loose ends.

step 2 Inserting hooks. Starting from the non-winded end insert a hook in the 1st slit on the tape then in every 6th one along to the end.
This gives a neater look and they hang better. Yours could work out to fewer or more hooks but aim for around 13cm spaces. Its all flexible so dont worry.

Will that be enough for now?
I will be back later to explain how to get them in folds like the catalogue pictures.

It would take me about an hour to do this by myself and I've been doing it for years. So relax and take your time.

lucyspangle Mon 06-Sep-10 19:57:19

Thanks for those top tips!! Have done it before but on much smaller lighter curtains didn't want it to go pear shaped-haven't actually tackled it yet- got decorator in and going way for weekend- so will earmark some child free time to do it.

Thanks again for the fool proof tips smile

size6feet Tue 07-Sep-10 07:59:48

Oh gosh shock decorators are the bane of curtain makers and fitters everywhere.

If possible, could you remove this track until he's finished. Paint and paste cause lots of problems when dried on. Or could you cover it in cling film. Its well worth the effort.

frostyfingers Tue 07-Sep-10 08:57:00

Another thing worth doing is "educating" your curtains - I kid you not. I nearly died laughing when we had some curtains made and hung for us!

What it means is that you tie them loosely, when they are undrawn, from top to bottom, with gaps of about 12" so that the pleats stay in.....That's not a very clear explanation, but it's hard to describe!

So you have your lovely curtains, tied and bound with scrappy bits of material for about a week.....but it does work, and fixes the pleats well!

lucyspangle Tue 07-Sep-10 19:22:47

Removed pole so it's safe! Have heard of the educating tip before- oh I am actually getting quite excited about the hanging business now!!

LovingTheSunshine Thu 09-Sep-10 20:26:32

We've just had some curtins hung for us & the lady also tied them so that they pleat & hang lovely Well worth it

size6feet Thu 09-Sep-10 22:01:42

Dressing Curtains (educating them)

This will be a challenge to describe by writing but here goes.

The curtain is now gathered and has hooks in the tape at the top. Count the hooks and thats how many rings you will need on your pole. (If there are any spare rings do not use them).

Hang a curtain up on the pole.
Lets say you have 10 hooks/rings so you will have 9 folds in your curtain (think of the catalogue look as guidance).
Starting at one end, get your hands at the top, one in front and the other at the back of the curtain.
Push the curtain from behind in the direction of the room. The place where you push it forwards is in between the hooks. This is your fold (pleat).
Work your hand downwards to the bottom of the curtain, making this bit stand out and the each side of it going back. As you work your way along the rest of the hooks, the curtain is gradually being closed up and moves to the side of the window.

To Tie Them Up
I would recommend using plastic carrier bags with the bottoms opened - not loose but dont strangle it. open the bags full so theres a wide band holding the folds in place so as not to crease the fabric. Slide them up from the bottom.

If the curtain is too wide for bags you could use a scarf with pins in instead.

Position one just under the heading tape and one right near the bottom and as many as you think you need inbetween.
Remove these after a few days.

If you manage to do this on big curtains then well done! its hard work and you may need help. I usually do the top half first,up on a stepladder, bind it,then sort out the bottom half.

crestfitters Tue 25-Mar-14 19:15:43

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