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Farrow and Ball Kitchen colours

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SparkyUK Wed 01-Sep-10 23:45:29

Have ordererd a kitchen from diy-kitchens and they can do painted doors to your farrow and ball colour of choice. Normally I would be falling over myself to make this decision but i've got like a thousand other things on my mind and just chose the colours for the rest of the house so I'm a bit coloured out.

I was thinking Cornforth White for the cabinets and Slipper Satin for the walls.

There is an old built in cabinet along one wall which we can paint to match the new cabinets, but I think a strong colour will look odd on it which is why I was drawn to Corforth White. I just hope it isn't too blah and that it has a bit of blue/lavendar in it.

This lady has a very pretty kitchen using CW where it looks as much blue as gray. Also like the look of this room with green walls. And most of my inspiration photos are all white kitchens, but that doesn't seem very 'us' as we are more shabby chic/antiquey than clean and modern.

We're thinking either white worktops or dark wood and white subway tile backsplash with stainless appliances.

Any one have any tips or colour choices they want to inspire me with? Please please please?

lalalonglegs Thu 02-Sep-10 08:37:21

Too much very pale/white colours in my opinion. I would have the units a stronger colour - possibly one of the F&B sludgy green/greys - but then I like a statement me grin.

lalalonglegs Thu 02-Sep-10 08:41:11

Also, I feel white accessories generally only look good in a very clean, modern design which I don't think is what you are trying to achieve.

Decorhate Thu 02-Sep-10 08:49:24

I had Parma Grey on my last kitchen cabinets - it is more blue than grey in RL. I think Cornforth White is more a true grey so depends what you are after? If you want grey I actually prefer Pavilion Grey...

I think cream walls would go well with grey cupboards -in my current kitchen I have it the other way round, cupboards in New White & walls in a shade similar to Blackened

HerHonesty Thu 02-Sep-10 08:51:05

i think cornforth white is a very stark, cold white and you would need a richer colour than slipper satin to offset. i think that green is quite close to cooking apple green.

if you look on the f and b website its got some good suggestions for contrasting colours.

GrendelsMum Thu 02-Sep-10 09:21:06

I'd be careful about having a tiled backsplash - the grouting can stain quite badly, especially with things like tomato sauces, curries, etc bubbling on the hob.

SparkyUK Thu 02-Sep-10 15:35:59

Shame my choices aren't more popular. I've just chickened out and told them to change my order to the sanded doors and we'll paint them ourselves (or have decorators do it depending on my energy-to-cash ratio!) Glad actually of this as apparently they use a special lacquer paint which I'm sure is nice and easy to manage but would funny in our kitchen as we are trying to blend in with a 100+ year old built in cabinet.

lala we had light blue in our last house which was very pretty light blue with grey undertone, but I want to do something different. No real reason though, so if I don't come up with a different vision in the next week may go back to that. All A lot of the rooms in the house are variations on F&B blue greys though - currently where my eyes are drawn at the moment. Didn't want to repeat colours, but I imagine in a different context they won't look like the same colours, iyswim.

Decorhate I think you may be onto something. I think the old cabinets will look better in the cream/white colour so maybe I should be thinking of painting the walls the stronger colour and having the cabinets the neutral. Something to certainly ponder. DH also suggests that not all the cabinets need to be the came colour which was not so helpful at 11pm last night. Now that I have more time to think though, it's something I can consider...

HerHonesty - thanks, I just found their Home and Gardens colour guides too which have more good ideas...

Grendelsmum, we've always had tiled splashbacks but have sealed the tiles after grouting, so maybe that helps with stainage. We've never had a problem that a wipe of a soapy sponge couldn't fix. (Then again, I'm a bit of a mess so maybe my standards are just lower grin)

Anyway, if anyone has any inspirational photos, please send them my way! ta!

Pannacotta Thu 02-Sep-10 21:38:23

I agree that a stronger colour for the wall (or the units) would work better than two pale colours.
I have used F&B Dimity on kitchen units (and built-in shelves) before and it works very well.

There are some good paint/colour combos on the Plain English site

Fipa Fri 14-Jan-11 19:52:17

I was wondering if you made a decision on your kitchen. I am going for blackened walls, pavilion grey cupboards and carrerra marble tops.

I painted my living room cornforth white and love it but it is quite browny grey no blues in it.

I am an interior designer and whilst there are some rules and some colours that work well it is all very personal and you should choose what you love.

Fipa Fri 14-Jan-11 19:52:51

I was wondering if you made a decision on your kitchen. I am going for blackened walls, pavilion grey cupboards and carrerra marble tops.

I painted my living room cornforth white and love it but it is quite browny grey no blues in it.

I am an interior designer and whilst there are some rules and some colours that work well it is all very personal and you should choose what you love.

teta Fri 14-Jan-11 20:34:14

Sparky i am having the same problem.I am also antiquey/shabby chic and am trying to decide on a kitchen.I was going to order a solid wood and paint it myself kitchen in a shaker style only to find its dated now apparently ,according to yesterdays thread.I really hate modern gloss kitchens and my dh hates white n' cream so what do you do?.I also dislike the plasticy paint finishes on most'painted' kitchens.The latest fashion is to use one very strong colour on maybe an island or run of cupboards ,keep the rest a neutral colour and the leave a run of cupboards a wood colour.It all looks a bit schizophrenic to me.
Fipa is marble hard-wearing enough for a family with 4 dc's?.My dh wants marble and i have been disuading him to one of the paler granites[definitely not black].

teta Fri 14-Jan-11 20:36:36

I have just realised this thread is a september one ,so the kitchen is probably done by now.How did it go Sparky?

Fipa Fri 14-Jan-11 21:34:27

No marble in a pale colour is a nightmare as hard to seal and stains. Many suppliers will actually make you sign a disclaimer if you choose it but i don't care as i love the look and my family will be banned from touching it !! A darker colour would be ok.
Does depend on the stone. I am using granite planet who assure me they can seal it.

If kitchen hand painted you should get finish you like. Plastic finish is because it is spray painted.

I think shaker style is quite classic and will date less than uber modern high gloss kitchens - colours, handles and worktops can date a kitchen more and they can be changed more easily.

SparkyUK Sat 15-Jan-11 00:18:06

I painted about 7 variant blues and grays in the kitchen and utility room and then another 7 shades of whites and neutrals... and ended up going with what I had at my last house. It felt boring but it looks really nice and works best with the light. The others all just seemed too gray or too muddy.

In the kitchen, our new cabinets are Light Blue and the walls are slipper satin. There is also an old built in cabinet along one of the walls which we've painted pointing (which is the color of the rest of the woodwork) but we painted the wall behind it Light Blue so that there is some colour on that wall. The work tops are dark walnut and appliance all stainless steel which look really nice with the Light Blue.

All in all I'm really pleased with the choices. I'm not sure if it is the hippest, but it's a period property and a sort of pokey kitchen, so modern just wouldn't work. It certainly doesn't look dated to me -- I agree with Fipa that because it's classic it will date less than some of the other design fads.

ps. We were told by diy-kitchens that they use a special kind of paint in the spray painting, so I think it is the paint + the technique that makes it plasticy.

usualsuspect Sat 15-Jan-11 00:20:12

Whats wrong with B & Q paint?

noddyholder Sat 15-Jan-11 08:51:11

I think your idea sounds lovely Sometimes your first instinct is right!I agree with fipa and am also an IO Go with what you love.i have always loved brinjal Fand B and painted my living room in it and we all love it although decorators flinched at how dark it was going on

MrsJepps Thu 29-Oct-15 11:28:42

I have Elephants Breath painted units they look lovely with brilliant white walls and woodwork. Use with white or grey metro tiles grouted in grey to make a strong statement and also to overcome the problem of discolored white grout in future. Brilliant white is cheep and easy to refresh or touch up the inevitable marks.

Mydearchild Thu 29-Oct-15 13:20:55


Binban62 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:52:00

Hi - can you guys help me too! I'm having my narrow kitchen units sprayed, I have a cream aga and black granite - I would like a F&B country cream but can't decide which one! P,ease help o

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