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Anyone recommend a tiler in SW London?

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Nancy66 Tue 31-Aug-10 11:22:42

Absolutely cannot find one that will either:

1) turn up

b) not quote me ridiculous sums of money.

Suggestions gratefully received.

Gomesmum Tue 31-Aug-10 15:48:05

I use this website, very useful:

Nancy66 Tue 31-Aug-10 16:40:13

Thanks Gomesmum - but i'm not a fan of those sites as they always ask you to give a budget and, therefore, the tradespeople are always going to quote pretty much to that.

Thing is I haven't gota clue how much it should cost to tile a bog standard, 8ft bathroom....but I sure as hell know it ain't the £2.5k the last bloke quoted me!

Gomesmum Wed 01-Sep-10 12:55:12

I have used this website and it didn't ask me to give a budget, and I had lots of replies with quotes from them so you could see if someone was charging too much, my partner and I are wedding photographers and are listed on a rated website and it works by your customers commenting on the job you have done for them so you know whether someone is good or not.

For the money they want to charge you it would be cheaper to pay for a course and learn how to do it yourself grin

Hope you find one soon that is a better price.

georgeparry85 Tue 17-Jan-17 09:44:27

Hi! I use smile

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