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CDA Appliances

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rebl Thu 12-Aug-10 09:44:29

Has anyone got any CDA appliances? Are they any good? They're the appliances being offered to us through the kitchen people. I just know nothing about them, never even heard of that make. I don't want to end up with an indesit quality appliance as I've had no end of bother with them. I want decent quality that will last. My current cooker is Creda and never had a problem with it. I'm looking at getting an induction hob, double oven (fan assisted) and cooker hood/extractor.

rebl Thu 12-Aug-10 19:50:29

Taking it then that either they're so amazing that people forget they have them, or more likely that they're so crap that no one has one!!!

SparkyUK Thu 12-Aug-10 20:07:30

We have them in the rental and they seem pretty lightweight. The washing machine bounces all over the place and the hob ignition is really unreliable. Some things are down to the installation, like the integrated dishwasher falls out when you pull out the bottom drawer all the way, but I probably can't fault the dishwasher for this. But, it only gets things clean if they are facing down perfectly, so many bowls end up going through two or three times. Overall , not terrible impressed but my jugement may be clouded by the general sub-par state of the rental.

cece Thu 12-Aug-10 22:03:25

I have a CDA cooker hood and I am very happy with it.

I got mine from

I also have a lot of Neff appliances in my kitchen and it compares well to them with regard to function and looks.

rebl Fri 13-Aug-10 09:12:59

SparkyUK Thanks for that. I did some digging around last night and struggled to find a single good customer review on their dishwashers. I struggled to find any customer reviews on their cookers etc. I now don't know if their dishwashers are just a bad product in their range or if their whole range is poor!

cece How long have you had the cooker hood?

noddyholder Fri 13-Aug-10 11:17:30

They are cheap on ebay and are often used by cheap kitchen companies They probably won't last and are seen in a lot of developments.

cece Fri 13-Aug-10 11:20:44

i've had it a year. The place I bought my other appliances from recommended it to me. I was all set to buy a Neff one at double the price. The salesman recommended I go for the CDA one instead. He said it was quieter. Plus it had the bonus of being a lot cheaper!

rebl Fri 13-Aug-10 15:51:10

Think I'm going to not get them and get my own appliances seperatly so I can do some proper research and get ones that are worth my money.

Lucie301 Wed 21-May-14 22:55:21

Cda are rubbish, poor customer care and appliance

mona24 Tue 01-Jul-14 18:24:46

I have recently bought CDA extractor. There customer service is terrible. It was delivered without charcoal filter so i had to order and paid separate, but when it arrive they send aluminium filter which is wrong one.

I called again to tell them, they promise to resolve and send me right part, guess what after 3 days of waiting they send me wrong part again. I have two wrong part at home dont even know what to do now. They are terrible

Tracadams Mon 28-Sep-15 11:18:34

Worst cooker ever, bad customer service don't buy from them

granvers Thu 19-Nov-15 08:15:37

When we had our kitchen done 3 years ago we looked at CDA appliances, but rejected them as too lightweight. We did get a CDA tap, however. It had a 5 year warranty and so we thought it would be fine. We were wrong. After two and a half years, it started leaking and this week the Swan neck just came away. Time to call in the warranty - or so we thought! Our plumber said the tap was very poorly made and needed replacing. CDA said that the warranty only covered parts as it was over 2 years old but the whole tap did not count as a part! We tried to get them to send the whole tap in parts but they wouldn't. They said they would offer us a new tap at a discount, but couldn't said what discount was as they only sold to the trade. After some pressing they came up with £50, which with Appliance Direct selling at £85 is really just a trade price - so at no cost to CDA at all. They just get to sell another tap! With our plumber expressing the view that the whole build was very poor, we elected to get a proper tap that will stand the test of time. CDA? Stay away!

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