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What flooring for an open plan kitchen dining living space?

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Katz Mon 09-Aug-10 16:16:36

Kitchen cupboards are walnut and work tops are black.

What floor would you put in to cover the whole space?

Would something like karndean or amtico look ok in the living space with a big rug? is it warm under foot?

Katz Mon 09-Aug-10 17:21:55


would probably be in the hall too

Katz Mon 09-Aug-10 19:50:41


ihearthuckabees Mon 09-Aug-10 20:45:37

We used a high quality laminate (looks like oak). It looks like proper planks and runs through kitchen, dining and hall area. I am reasonably fussy and hate the cheap laminate look, but this is good and gentle on the eye, given it's such a big area.

Ask a local builder to recommend his supplier and go and take a look in the warehouse/ask advice. Don't go to Homebase/Ikea etc - quality is probably not good enough for such a large area.

twolittledarlings Mon 09-Aug-10 22:04:28

We have an open plan living/dining room with an adjoining kitchen through 2 arch ways - all open plan.

The kitchen is white with black granite worktops.

We have chosen solid oak flooring with under floor heating as we wanted more storage space for fitted cupboards rather than use radiators.

I think it all goes quite well.

cece Mon 09-Aug-10 22:10:54

I have amtico. One of the ones that looks like a tile with the grout lines too.

Think it is called warm stone.

It is warm under foot, no complaints there. It has scratched a bit where I have moved heavy furniture though which is a bit disappointing. But if you are aware of this you could easily avoid it.

cece Mon 09-Aug-10 22:11:42

oh we bought ours from an online co and got our builder to recommend a fitter.

SparkyMalarky Mon 09-Aug-10 22:16:40

Yep - have Karndean all though our ground floor (kitchen diner, living room and hall) and am really pleased with it. Ours is the wood effect - laid in planks - and it generally fools people into thinking it's real wood.

Warm under foot and withstands the abuse thrown at it by 2 small children and 2 grown ups and pets. Easy to clean too. HTH.

lalalonglegs Mon 09-Aug-10 22:38:52

I think more wood would be too much with the walnut that you already have. I honestly don't know what I would put down though - the black worktops are stumping me. Did you buy the kitchen at a posh showroom - what did they have on the floors?

cece Mon 09-Aug-10 23:35:48

this is similar look to my floor

pale tiles

massive tiles

Just do a google image search for walnut kitchen with black granite worktops. The majority seem to have a cream/pale look tile with them.

Katz Tue 10-Aug-10 08:17:26

thats good to here about the amtico/kardean flooring. I quite fancy light coloured tile effect ones.

The work tops are changing too just not the cupboards and look good in black and we will be putting black back again. The kitchen floor is currently cream flagstone style tiles but they are cold and not wearing well.

We are extending between the back of the kitchen and the through lounge dinner.

Katz Tue 10-Aug-10 08:19:39

cece - yep thats the look we currently have in the kitchen just wasn't sure about the tiles in the living room.

cece Tue 10-Aug-10 18:04:42

Well my Amtico 'fake' tiles look like that. You can buy the fake grout lines too so it is quite real looking.

ageing5yearseachyear Tue 10-Aug-10 18:23:43

we have karndean in kitchen/dining/conservatory/hall/cloakroom.

it is fab-bombproof, silent, a joy

i wouldnt put it in the lounge though and we like to sit on the floor- it is cold (we have concrete subfloor)

tbh it was the only thing we could find that was guaranteed waterproof and with 3 dc i really wanted something that was impossible to damage

RupertTheBear Tue 10-Aug-10 18:34:05

I have travertine tiles through my kitchen/diner/living room. They are cold underfoot but we have underfloor heating. They are fab though because they are kind of mottled so have to be really dirty before it shows up!!

upahill Tue 10-Aug-10 20:33:14

We are putting this down in our kitchen and newly extended dining room
country oak

The planks are up to 3.6 metres long which is nearly as long as my kitchen.

SparkyMalarky Thu 12-Aug-10 19:14:11

Yes - the fact it's guaranteed waterproof is fantastic - no chance of warping!

Ours is fine in the lounge - we have a big rug down where we sit!

This is what we have - think it's the Matai

ilovemydogandMrObama Thu 12-Aug-10 19:18:15

We have Pilkington Dorset Red. Works quite well in kitchen/dining room. Am thinking of putting them in the hallway too.

ilovemydogandMrObama Thu 12-Aug-10 19:19:41


magichomes Fri 13-Aug-10 19:01:02

What about reclaimed wooden floorboards, painted with floor paint? You'd probably still need a rug in the living room, but it would be warm underfoot (especially if you put in underfloor heating) and incredibly practical.

I'm not sure I'd bother with Amtico or Karndean - it costs a fortune, sub-floor movement can make it look uneven, and if it scratches there isn't a thing you can do about it.

deaddei Fri 13-Aug-10 19:05:45

Katz- we too have walnut kitchen/black granite, and have stone coloured Italian tiles with underfloor heating- fabulous. It's a big space- 45 sq metres, and have a rug by the 2 sofas (under coffee table).
Tiles are not shiny- easy to clean, and with the heating are wonderful in winter.

ThomasAnderson Thu 22-Jan-15 12:33:55

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