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Choosing an electric cooker

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Heartsease Sat 07-Aug-10 21:38:54

I'm choosing a cooker for our new house, and since I have never bought a cooker before I would really appreciate some MN wisdom.

Although I would have loved to have gas, circumstances are such that we need to get an electric cooker. I've always had those solid-ring ones in rented houses, but presumably a ceramic hob will be more responsive? I will also definitely want a fan oven. The slot is only 50cm wide so our options will be significantly limited by that.

I've read the online buying guides in various places so I think I have the basic knowledge sorted, but does anyone have any tips on features/brands to look out for or to avoid?

lalalonglegs Sat 07-Aug-10 22:19:05

I'm in a rented house at the moment with crap oven that only heats up if you turn the timer dial on first. A friend says this is a feature of some of the cheaper electric ovens - complete pain as the timer is only 90 minutes long meaning I have to keep resetting it if I'm cooking a casserole or several things in sequence. Conversely, I'd definitely look for an oven with an electronic timer so you can set it to come on/go off when you're not around.

Heartsease Sat 07-Aug-10 22:30:24

Great points, lala, thanks! I too have suffered from that timer problem you describe, but had managed to forget all about it. A timer would also be a definite bonus.

Heartsease Mon 09-Aug-10 10:05:56

Anyone else got any spare thoughts?

luckylin Sat 06-Oct-12 15:02:06

Am considering buying an elec built-in oven from John Lewis (their own make). Does anyone have any comments regarding effectiveness before I make the purchase please? Looking at customer reviews, they seem to be OK but would like re-assurance from mums used to cooking for family of 4+. Thanks.

TirednessKills Sat 06-Oct-12 18:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TalkinPeace2 Sat 06-Oct-12 18:40:09

If you can get an induction hob you will NOT regret it.

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