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Has anyone successfully put a Belfast sink on a flatpack base?

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DitaVonCheese Fri 06-Aug-10 23:50:57

I've got a Belfast sink for our utility room and was going to get a base for it from B&Q (which is the only cheapo place I can find that does such a thing). DH did much clucking about making sure the base is strong enough for sink + water and I thought he was being ridiculous, until I discovered the sink is actually so heavy that I can't lift it (and I'm pretty strong!). Now slightly concerned that a flatpack base won't do it. Eep. Has anyone done this and had success, rather than a water and ceramic crashing to the floor type disaster?

itstheyearzero Sat 07-Aug-10 06:14:20

You could always get DH to strengthen the base with some, um, bits of wood?

HerHonesty Sat 07-Aug-10 07:03:39

yes. three times. no probs. strengthen inside of cupboard with a frame. b and q now do a special belfast sink base? did you get that one?

bodiddly Sat 07-Aug-10 07:05:40

We fit them into standard sink base units at work regularly. We buy the base units with two dummy drawers and just do away with the drawer sections and fit the sink in. Have never had a problem yet!

DitaVonCheese Sun 08-Aug-10 14:32:38

That's fab, thanks so much for your help - I feel very reassured!

rebl Sun 08-Aug-10 18:46:36

You've got the same problem as us then for kitchen units in this area. There is NOONE around at the moment is there. I'm in the middle of getting a quote from Benchmarx which I know is in Brum but tbh they're looking at coming in cheaper than Howdens. Might be worth you trying them but they only sell to trade.

Otherwise it might be worth your while taking a trip to Wickes, think they're cheaper than B&Q.

DitaVonCheese Sun 08-Aug-10 19:39:50

Actually our problem with the kitchen is far more fundamental grin - it hasn't been built yet and won't be until we get money from the sale of a flat I own, which won't be for a month or so yet - eek! Just trying to sort out our utility room at the moment, so we at least have a sink to use. Plumber will be fitting the sink, units and worktop, or his mate will, who I think is a joiner. Our electricians (one of whom I think is also a joiner) have said they will quote for the kitchen when we do it and beat any other quote we get - they've recommended Howdens but will look at Benchmarx too, thanks I think Howdens would probably match a quote though, from what I've heard of them.

Will have a look at Wickes, though not sure they do a Belfast sink base. This is all so much more complicated than I expected!

101damnations Sun 08-Aug-10 22:29:39

Our Wickes belfast sink is in a flatpack base with a cupboard underneath.It did have to be a base designed for the sink though,not just any base.,but it is available as standard.

DitaVonCheese Sun 08-Aug-10 22:36:06

Thanks, couldn't find one in their catalogue but will look online

M2parry Mon 02-Feb-15 17:48:51

Hi, had one of these years ago and my hubby built a simple brick base which i then put a curtain around matching kitchen tiles. Probably a bit old fashioned now i suppose

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