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Workman worried about his safety

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rebl Thu 05-Aug-10 13:20:00

We are having an extension built. Our project manager went on holiday last week for 2 weeks. He's away one more week from today. Friday last week we had bricky, labourer x 3. Monday was bricky and labourer x 1. Tuesday was just labourer x 1 (company boss of the building company came for about 10 mins 1st thing in the morning). Yesterday exactly the same and again today, exactly the same. The labourer today has been using the jack hammer to break up old concrete floor. He is also meant to be up a ladder (single storey) grinding off some metal. He's just raised an issue that I have to say I've been a bit worried about. He's asked if I could possibly ensure that I'm in the house all the time because he doesn't want to do all this more dangerous work (jack hammer and grinding / ladder work) with noone around to ensure that if he had an accident that someone would know. I can't possibly be in the house, I have 2 young dc who can't cope with the noise. I suggested to him that he breaks up what he can with the jack hammer in the next hour whilst I'm around and that after that he'll have to do digging (of which there is masses but isn't important). This will put the build behind but I don't know what else to suggest. Do I call the building company boss about it? Is it even legal for him to be doing this type of work without another person on site?

annh Thu 05-Aug-10 13:24:12

Yes, call the company and say that you are concerned and what are the regulations governing working alone in this situation? Don't say that he is concerned in case you get him in trouble. I would also check why you haven't got more people on site. Down to one person doesn't sound good, surely there is enough work/space from the sound of things for several people to be working simultaneously?

rebl Thu 05-Aug-10 18:07:10

Just got home. I'm going to call the building company in the morning. I don't know why there is only 1 person on site because there is more than enough space and work to have way more than that. The project manager did say he was worried that this would happen when he was away. I have emailed him incase he's picking up his emails.

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