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Anyone know Thornbury, Bristol? Have to buy quickly and in a panic

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blob2be Thu 05-Aug-10 10:19:01

We are moving to the Bristol area for my work (Frenchay area). However, Frenchay seems way out of our price range - we can afford £185 tops. So, we are looking at Thornbury, which seems a bit more affordable.

Does anybody know what it's like? It seems like the schools are good and the prices reasonable but it would be good to get some sense of the area - what kinds of people live there? I am a bit of a leftie, like politics and current affairs etc. Just wondering if I am likely to meet any kindred spirits there.

Fuchzia Thu 05-Aug-10 10:37:37

Hmm I grew up there and would prefer to live there than Frenchay. It's a small town with everything that entails. Quite a lot of conservative people lots of gossip but also good sense of community safe place to grow up etc. I liked growing up there but wouldn't want to live there now. Not really a leftie lifestyle tbh you want central Bristol for that

Zoonose Thu 05-Aug-10 10:44:16

Try Chepstow - over the Severn Bridge in Wales but very quick to Bristol (30 mins to centre). I lived there for 7 years and loved it - commuted further into Bristol than Frenchay. Prob about same commute as from Thornbury. Go and have a look. Lots of art and music stuff going on there - really nice unpretentious little town in an area of outstanding natural beauty and good schools I think. Good luck!

mintyfresh Thu 05-Aug-10 12:23:01

I like Thornbury - we live quite close to it and I use the shops there as it is quite rural where we are! The Castle School is excellent - lots of people move there for catchment area. I also commute to Frenchay for work and it's really easy.

I'm a leftie too and feel a real fish out of water sometimes in our 'green wellies' village! However, I hated living in Bristol so it's about compromise for us and better schools.

I think Thornbury would be a nice place to live and Bristol isn't too far away even if there aren't kindred spirits around!! You could try Stroud as its quite reasonable and has a real alternative feel although your commute to work would be further.

blob2be Thu 05-Aug-10 23:22:44

Thanks for your responses.....

Looks like we will be buying in Thornbury in the absence of an alternative. I think that I might struggle with the small-townish thing but as Mintyfresh suggested, it isn;t far to Bristol for a fix of radical leftishness!

Zoonose, I do like Chepstow but I don't know if I could bring myself to pay the £5.50 on the bridge every day!!! Thornbury is just that bit closer and I want to keep the commute as small as poss.

Thanks again and I will no doubt be posting again with more moving-related stressed out questions smile

blob2be Thu 05-Aug-10 23:26:04

Should add that there is lots about Thornbury that looks great. For kids I think it will be really good. Am generally feeling quite optimistic smile

jacksgrannie Sun 08-Aug-10 08:06:29

Just saw this thread. I live near Thornbury and it is a lovely place to live. Really excellent schools (must be something to do with the absence of left-wingery!)

lulupeg Fri 10-Jun-11 11:38:29

Just saw this oldish thread... Interested to know how you're finding it in Thornbury? I grew up there and enjoyed if, absolutely love Bristol now. Living in South London and thinking about moving back to Bristol in two years. Torn between lefty city living somewhere like Horfield or Montpelier and moving back to my home town which I know is nice for children and has such excellent schools... Always swore I wouldn't but kids change everything!

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