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wall mounted washing line

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kiwibella Fri 16-Jul-10 20:52:59

where can I find one? I don't want a rotary line in the garden... I want to be able to neatly fold it back against the wall once I am done.

taffetacatski Fri 16-Jul-10 21:07:18

I have this one

I adore it!

HecateQueenOfWitches Fri 16-Jul-10 21:09:11

wilkinson sell them. I got one from there. It's really great.

It's not as solid looking as the one taff linked you to - it's plastic. But it's sturdy and I can fit 2 loads at a time onto it.

And it cost under £15

dinkystinky Fri 16-Jul-10 21:12:45

There is an Ozzie wall mounted 4 bar one you can pull out and attach to far wall and then let back in - DH has been drooling over one (shows who does the domestic stuff in our house!). Cant remember make of it but from recollection looks v whizzy....

kiwibella Fri 16-Jul-10 21:14:25

I've seen the wilkos one... maybe I should give it a go to try it. When it is extended, does it "get in the way", Taffe?

I had one like this in my mind... but buggered if I can find a local supplier.

Pannacotta Fri 16-Jul-10 21:20:25

How about one like this? ses-airers/product/20016

taffetacatski Fri 16-Jul-10 21:35:31

it doesn't get in the way, no. but then we have it in a spot so I can't see it from the house, underneath the terrace ( I hate seeing washing from the house ).

the only downside with it is it doesn't spin around like a standard rotary drier, so you have to walk around it to fill/empty it, but its no great shakes, really. oh and I do tend to forget the washing is out there as I can't see it grin

kiwibella Fri 16-Jul-10 21:51:45

dinky... that sounds perfect! Prod your dh for more info grin.

thanks Pannacotta... unfortunately a line would be a hazard (and an eyesore - there is nowhere "discreet" for it to go).

I have a spot to put a line on but it's between the kitchen back door and the double doors off the living room... so it's not a big area but gets a bit of traffic. Being on this wall should mean that it's not obvious from the windows.

dinkystinky Sat 17-Jul-10 18:03:11

I think its called the Austral Retractaway - warning it is ££££s - but comes with a guarantee etc. Brabantia do a similar retractable one which is a heck of a lot cheaper...

kiwibella Sun 18-Jul-10 10:19:22

thanks dinky... that's what I had growing up at home in NZ but not quite what I want.

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 18-Jul-10 20:10:15

PIL have the Brabantia one and love it, it's also got a grey cover so is quite discrete when not being used.

PatriciaHolm Sun 18-Jul-10 21:38:46

We also have the brabantia and it's great, really easy to fit easy for my DIY numpty husband grin.

notcitrus Sun 18-Jul-10 21:59:24

Robert Dyas sold 2 types when I needed one and I got the slightly more expensive one as the cable seemed stronger. It's still going well 5 years later.

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