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And to the people who owned our current house BEFORE us...

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...Thank you so much for leaving over 20 hideous wall shelves on the walls of each bedroom which took ages to take down and a tube of polyfilla to rectify. My fingernails will never be the same again.

Grr typo in title.

TennisFan Wed 14-Jul-10 11:02:33

and for changing all the internal doors?

and leaving a roofspace full of your crap

and for painting around the double bed

and for using the sleeping baby trick during viewing

NoseyNooNoo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:03:21

Thank you for:
1. Removing the fitted wardrobes and then claiming that they were free-standing - why were there about 50 holes in the wall then?
2. Taking all of the curtain poles and leaving gaping holes in the wall.
3. Taking the cans of paint that you promised to leave.
4. Spilling Coke on the bedroom carpet literally as you left (still wet) and making no attempt to mop it up.
5. Hiding in the wardrobe (you know that 'freestanding one') when we were doing a viewing.
6. Hiding in the bushes during the same viewing.
7. Telling the EA and us that you had a terminal brain tumour - funny that the people you work with didn't notice and report that you are alive and well.
8. Not paying your bills so that various debt collectors came to our door to demand money from us.

I'm still sore about it!

DuelingFanjo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:04:40

Thanks for not telling us about the woman next door who plays her music at 4am and wails!

DuelingFanjo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:05:50

OMG - did they really hide in the wardrobe! WTF. DId they jump out on you?

NoseyNooNoo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:06:43

No - but it was tempting to open the door. What would we have said other than 'Freak!'

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Jul-10 11:08:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMoonOnAStick Wed 14-Jul-10 11:10:19

But why hide in the wardrobe and the bushes??confused How v odd.

NNN that is insane! How bizarre?! Was the brain tumour their reason for moving then? makes a change from 'its just time to move on' I suppose!

NoseyNooNoo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:14:18

I have no idea. His children were home at the time too.

This was a viewing just before exchange and I suspect he could not face the sight of us. Our survey found a major problem which would cost £11k to fix. We reduced our offer by £5k. I think he always felt that we'd robbed him.

throckenholt Wed 14-Jul-10 11:15:32

the man before us was a window fitter - everything in the house was held on with copious amounts of silicon sealant - he must have used up large numbers of "nearly empty" tubes.

NoseyNooNoo Wed 14-Jul-10 11:16:33

The brain tumour was mentioned by the EA to explain vendor's difficult nature and then Vendor mentioned it when DH went around with builder to assess the cost of the work needing to be done.

palacemonkey Wed 14-Jul-10 11:42:53

why, WHY, was the water in the loo black?? Thank god my Aunt had industrial strength loo cleaner - otherwise I would have had to replace it.... I'm fine with that.... I just want to know WHY????????????? grin

umf Wed 14-Jul-10 11:48:23

... for blutacking the kitchen cupboard doors closed. Nope, they don't close without the blutack.

BaggedandTagged Wed 14-Jul-10 11:52:04

for painting around the TV- I mean.....FFS

For only carpeting up to the edge of the (freestanding)Billy Bookcase which you took with you.

For feeding the foxes so that I inadvertently inherited a fox farm

Palacemonkey, eww! Even after you flushed it, the water came back black?! Gross.

scurryfunge Wed 14-Jul-10 11:53:03

....for putting a toddler in the bath on both viewings because you had left black grime marks in the bath you obviously never cleaned.

cockles Wed 14-Jul-10 11:56:00

for telling us the house was in the catchment area of the school we wanted
for upping your price by £30K at the last minute
for leaving us a broken boiler, a huge patch of missing wall plaster behind a picture, and two paintbrushes rammed down the sink (why?)
but, seriously, almost all this was compensated for accidentally leaving the au-pair's 'to-do' list which I am still laughing at ('plump the cushions'!)

palacemonkey Wed 14-Jul-10 11:57:36

Yes.... I can't figure out how it stayed black either... surely it's fresh water going into the cistern???

Once my aunt got at it with her cleaning stuff and a loo brush, it was lovely.... but it wasn't just the loo that was black it was the water too...

It took about 5 days for it to come through as clear water... how is that possible???

That is so strange. Why don't people get these things sorted before they start taking viewings?!

HousewifeOfOrangeCounty Wed 14-Jul-10 12:00:20

for not telling us that the man next door practises playing the bagpipes outside every time the sun is out.

BettyTurnip Wed 14-Jul-10 12:05:45

For not telling us the dish washer was broken beyond repair. DH and I were childishly excited about having one at last and it didn't bloody work! Oh, and that the built in oven only had one setting - burn-everything-to-a-crisp degrees centigrade.

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 14-Jul-10 12:23:05


tiling the bathroom over the old tiles (we removed the lot, along with the plaster)

breaking the soil stack, but covering the join with concrete as a short-term solution

boxing in various bits of wiring that should not have been in the bathroom at all

leaving wires (some live) hanging out of the bedroom wall where you had removed a bedside lamp. What the hell was wrong with wiring in a socket for it like a normal person?

wiring all the household lighting from the same junction box. they don't cost much FFS.

..and when you had someone install the shower complete with separate fuse box, why didn't you have all the household wiring put on the new box instead of leaving it on one that still has wire instead of switch fuses????

and as for the plumbing....was this a conscious attempt to use the wrong pipe widths for as many purposes as possible?

would it have hurt to have done a proper job even once?

if Dh was not so very good at DIY, i'd have just spent the last 3 years listening to the intake of air through workmans teeth as they upped their estimate.....

Mermaidspam Wed 14-Jul-10 12:30:26


1. Not telling us that the "conservatory" (in the loosest possible terms) was constructed by yourself from drainpipes. I shit you not.

2. For not putting any drawers in your fitted kitchen

3. For giving us the instruction booklet for a combi boiler. It would have been nice to inform us that you were taking it with you.

4. For attaching the peeling wallpaper in the main bedroom to the wall with red gloss paint.

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