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Boden discount code

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longlongway Wed 22-Feb-12 11:01:59

I have been sent a £10 boden voucher and wondered if anyone has a discount code i could use with it. Thanks.

Loulou000 Wed 22-Feb-12 11:16:18

If you go to the discounts section of mumsnet and link to Boden from there you get a 15% discount. smile

randomimposter Wed 22-Feb-12 13:56:40

Z372 for 20% off

rosie17 Wed 22-Feb-12 14:33:49

Z372 and IPAD have expired. Are there any more 20% discount codes about?

rookiemater Wed 22-Feb-12 16:29:34

Ooh get you with your £10 voucher, i'm only worthy of a fiver!

SoFarWeAreEqual Wed 22-Feb-12 16:32:27

AF02 gets you 15% off and free delivery/returns. Expires a week today I think

Lua Fri 24-Feb-12 10:25:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rosie17 Fri 24-Feb-12 11:07:27

Thanks Lua

nappydaysagain Fri 24-Feb-12 16:38:11

I'm only worthy of a fiver too sad. I want a £10 one envy. Also got buy 3 items & get 4th for £1, I wish I could use it with the mumsnet 15% off too. I'm expecting too much aren't I?

DingbatsFur Fri 24-Feb-12 23:15:08

You can! I used a £5 with AF02

SeoraeMaeul Sat 25-Feb-12 07:09:37

Thanks Lua - just saved more than enough to pay my overseas postage thanks

nappydaysagain Sat 25-Feb-12 07:53:13

I want the buy 4 items get one for a £1 too though, which it wont let me do too. I can either do this offer or 15% (both let me use the £5 off though). I like a bargain smile.

BearlyThere Sat 25-Feb-12 15:55:55


sleepdodger Sat 25-Feb-12 16:56:36

I got no voucher :-(

ScrummyBunnies Sat 25-Feb-12 21:22:05

Thanks Lua - I know the code x511 is free delivery - anyone know if it is free returns too? smile

twolittledarlings Sat 25-Feb-12 23:21:52

I have a £10 voucher too. They also gave me the code M559 for buy 2 and get the 4th for £1.

twolittledarlings Sat 25-Feb-12 23:23:02

Sorry, i mean buy 3 and get the 4th for £1.

Cherrypie32 Sun 26-Feb-12 11:24:15

Did voucher come by post or email?

twolittledarlings Sun 26-Feb-12 21:40:12

By post.

issimma Thu 01-Mar-12 18:54:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnie Sun 04-Mar-12 20:24:41

I have just used AMZN and got 15% off plus free delivery/returns. Thanks, issimma smile

jessington Sat 10-Mar-12 10:17:47

I just found a new code here ... not technically a discount but L971 adds a 'free gift' to your order of a free wash bag - only for new customers (try using a different card with a different email add if you're already a customer - worked for mee smile). Or LNU5 is still good for 15% off

IWishICouldThinkOfAFabName Sat 17-Mar-12 17:44:16

If you sign up to quidco ( the cashback site) and go to Boden from the quidco site you normally find that the Boden discount code still works. However, you also get 5% cashback into your quidco account. Quidco keep the first £5 but after that any cashback earnt is yours ( as long a syou keep the ordered goods).
If you only have a boden email with a link rather than an actual discount code then I don't think it works via quidco.
Cashback can be accumulated from other purchases too - eg M&S on line.

I have just received £10 voucher too so thx for codes.

Lua Mon 23-Jul-12 12:44:18

Anyone has a free shipping code valid at the moment?
pretty please?

Cherrypie32 Mon 23-Jul-12 14:48:36

Code EBAY gets you 15% discount and free delivery x

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