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LeapPad Explorer Codes for Games

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Bunnyjo Tue 03-Jan-12 12:40:42

Hello all,

DD (4yo) got the LeapPad Explorer for Xmas and I have found the following codes that you can redeem by clicking on the redeem icon within the LeapFrog connect page.

5810 0790 4610 4973 - This is for the Alphabet Soup Game, usually retails at £5
5813 1140 1518 1413 - This is for the ebook 'The Book of Super Awesome Stuff'. Not sure what this retails at, but it is free nonetheless!

I've just used them today and they work, so DD is happily playing a couple of new games now grin

glitch Tue 03-Jan-12 12:50:26

Thank you.
Had the first one, but not the ebook one. Always great to get something for free smile

TaraQ Wed 04-Jan-12 09:17:29

Thanks for this - the alpahbet soup one doesnt seem to work but I the ebook has. Dont suppose anyone else knows of any codes? Didnt even know they existed! x

sarahken Wed 04-Jan-12 16:04:11

thanks very much, the e book worked for me, will keep my ds quiet for 2 minutes smile

whatstheetiquette Wed 04-Jan-12 18:17:34

will try this for my DC's, thanks!

Tyson86 Wed 04-Jan-12 18:18:55

Thanks smile

sarahken Wed 04-Jan-12 21:15:31

I have been googling and the code for the alphabet stew one could be: 5813 0790 4610 4973 according to another site, haven't tried it yet but may be worth a shot x

sarahken Wed 04-Jan-12 21:30:32

Just downloaded it now for my son using the code I've just posted and it does work smile

cupofteaplease Wed 04-Jan-12 21:35:00

Hi, can I just ask, as you obviously have the leappads too, how are you finding the battery life? My dd2's is not great, batteries last about 24 hours. Dd1's eats batteries. A new set of Duracell only last an hour at best. Is this normal?? She can't even use it at the moment as I can't afford the batteries. I'm amazed it didn't come with a mains connector. Dh bought a universal one but that didn't work.

sarahken Wed 04-Jan-12 21:54:54

it depends which batteries. We got some sony ones which only lasted 1 1/2 of continuous play, we went through a 12 pk in just over 24 hrs. We got some other £1 shop ones which lasted 6hrs, and duracells seem to last about 6 also. I believe you can get an adapter, however most have been rated on amazon to be a bad fit. We were going to try and and get a 6v adapter from an electrical shop but we will see, like you I can't afford to keep buying batteries.

Tyson86 Wed 04-Jan-12 22:06:59

The batteries are doing my head in, I am planning on getting Maplins to fit one.

TaraQ Thu 05-Jan-12 09:22:06

Thanks for alpahbet stew new code - works great and dd loves it! Agree about batteries. We went to our olocal electrical shop who sold us a universal adaptor for £10 - was the best £10 we have spent! We took leapad to shop with us to check it fits. Fits like a glove and means no more trips to supermarket for batteries! My advice is take leappad to an electrtical shop to ensure adaptor fits rather than getting one online - that way you are not wasting money x

Tyson86 Thu 05-Jan-12 11:10:51

Thanks for the new code, only just noticed it, it is brilliant thanks smile

YesShesAGirl Thu 05-Jan-12 19:47:44

I read about battery life before so we bought some rechargeables these last several hours i'd least.

where do you enter these codes?

Bunnyjo Fri 06-Jan-12 09:30:49

Oops, I wonder if i posted a typo in the alphabet stew code... I am a sleep deprived mummy to a teething baby, so I suppose anything is possible blush

YesShesAGirl if you go to the app center, on the top right had corner there is an arrow, click this and there should be an option called 'redeem code' click that and you should be allowed to enter the redeem code. The parent needs to be logged in (email addy and password), I think

Batteries, I'm finding duracell are lasting a good few days, but I bought some Kodak ones from the pound shop to see us through the first few days after Xmas and they didn't even last an hour! We have an adaptor too and that is definitely saving the pennies!

ItLookHardToStartNewLife Fri 06-Jan-12 10:29:55

I just tried the codes and it says it has expired..sad

ItLookHardToStartNewLife Fri 06-Jan-12 10:32:12

no! it went through thanks SARAHKEN smile

bettydoc Sat 07-Jan-12 20:33:48


Cinders22 Sun 08-Jan-12 18:00:18

Thank you from me too! Keep my DS happy for 5 minutes.

scorpion72 Thu 19-Jan-12 22:24:19

for those of you who are going through batteries i've been using rechargeable ones and they are lasting well, make sure you get ones with a high mhz as the cheap ones won't last long. I assume you will use just as much electricity charging batteries as using an adaptor and at least the kids won't need to be plugged in.

ThePhantomPlopper Tue 14-Feb-12 08:48:44

Thanks OP.

These still work BTW.

suemays Tue 21-Feb-12 16:04:50

Thanks the codes still work. Does anyone know if the Download App card is any good? Boots have it on offer for £9.99 at the moment rather than £15 and it says you can download lots of games. I just wondered if they were the premium ones or the cheap ones?

seatfor5 Fri 04-May-12 13:32:45

Thanks op and Sarahken these are still working!

littlemissmoo Tue 22-May-12 16:37:59

Both of these have just worked. On the App Centre page there is a little drop down arrow next to your email address and account balance where you redeem the code.

watcombe Fri 06-Jul-12 22:17:12

I found a mains adaptor on ebay:

Doesn't do anything fancy like charge the leap pad but it's £7.99 and it works, it's 9V

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