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The Sun holiday codes...

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Eddas Sat 10-Jul-10 11:08:53

I thought, as usual, we should have a thread with the codes for The Sun holiays, which start again today. I haven't been to get today's paper yet so if anyone has the code would they be able to post it? I'll post any codes that I get each daysmile


Eddas Sat 10-Jul-10 19:57:18

evening bump, anyone have today's word?

Eddas Sat 10-Jul-10 21:05:38

I may be talking to myself but I found the code word on MSE so will share incase it helps anyone, it's;


2anddone Sun 11-Jul-10 10:03:02

Thanks Eddas think we must be the only 2 collecting and I forgot to get a paper yesterday

Eddas Sun 11-Jul-10 14:45:17

oh good i'm not alonegrin

So far the codes are;


Maclaren Sun 11-Jul-10 16:27:38

I havent got my priority letter though wanted to go away in October before the baby oh well!

Eddas Mon 12-Jul-10 10:45:38


MaryBS Mon 12-Jul-10 10:49:26

I've not got a priority code either

magnolia74 Tue 13-Jul-10 17:07:57

I don't get it, I went onto the webiste and can download the form but it says you must attatch tokes not codes???

Eddas Tue 13-Jul-10 19:15:28

magnolia, if you have a priority code you can do it onlne with the code words. If you have to send the form in you need the tokens from the paper. The priority codes get sent to people who've been on one of their holidays before. But you don't always get one.


Does anyone have the code word for today? I can't find it on MSE

2anddone Tue 13-Jul-10 21:49:45

Its HUNT also on MSE I found a thread with bonus code words listed but not sure if they would work?

ZoeHayes Wed 14-Jul-10 09:48:23

Has anybody received their priority code yet? I haven't heard anything and I usually get an email or letter before they start printing the tokens.

Eddas Wed 14-Jul-10 10:30:05


Zoe I received my code in the post on friday. But I have received them after the codes have started before. On MSE people have also received an email. I haven't. I wonder how they work out who to send a priority code to and why the mail or emailhmm tis strange.

ZoeHayes Wed 14-Jul-10 14:56:13

Oh well. Maybe they don't like me anymore Nevermind I shall keep my fingers crossed something turns up. If not I shall try the priority code for the £15 holidays that they sent me a few months ago but I never used. It probably won't work but it's worth a go.

Eddas Wed 14-Jul-10 16:53:49

I got an email this afternoon. Hope you got one toosmile

ZoeHayes Thu 15-Jul-10 10:19:09

No, still nothing The postman thinks I'm stalking him now. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

ZoeHayes Thu 15-Jul-10 18:01:04

Hurrah! I got an email earlier. Was beginning to lose hope. The bonus words if anyone needs them are PLAN, MEET and FREE.

Eddas Thu 15-Jul-10 19:25:34


Bonus words, which you can probably only use one of;


Glad you got your email Zoe smile

Landysgirl Fri 16-Jul-10 00:17:47

Hi there
Do you know when the booking line opens and what is the web address for it please and also I received my letter but it has a sun reference but no priority code or is that it?
Many thanks

Eddas Fri 16-Jul-10 07:17:49

that's the code(sun ref) the booking should open on sat but I know I booked about 10pm on the friday and the people on MSE(Money Saving Expert) reckon it might be open as early as 7pm tonight, but I think you need to guess the last code word for sat to do that, but someone will post it on MSE once they know it so I will keep an eye on it. Although i'm out tonight til about 11 so I won't be able to book til after then. Fingers crossed my holiday choice is still available then

Eddas Fri 16-Jul-10 07:19:43

here's the link to book online

Eddas Fri 16-Jul-10 07:21:25


Bonus words, which you can probably only use one of;


Landysgirl Fri 16-Jul-10 11:00:29

Thanks very much. I can never find it on MSE. What do you type in the search to find it please? I only ever find old posts.I too am out tonight but hopefully will still be lucky. I also booked on the Friday evening last time. Thanks again for your help.

Eddas Fri 16-Jul-10 15:54:16

I click on 'forum' (top right hand corner of home page)
Then scroll down to 'home and play' (3rd green section)

Then into 'UK holidays, days out & entertainments'

Then scroll down to the 'sun thread, code words only'

There's probably a quicker waygrin but I don't use it that oftensmile

ZoeHayes Fri 16-Jul-10 18:47:12

Booking site is now open. We managed to get one for Oct half term at Caister . I used the code words


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