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best name labels please?

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bottletopbilly Sun 04-Jul-10 23:46:21

where can I get some from please - should I get iron in ones? M&S are £5 for 50

thisisyesterday Sun 04-Jul-10 23:51:45

can't beat good old cash's IMO!

Mindy73 Mon 05-Jul-10 07:58:36

I agree!
You can order in them in Clark's shops - they have Cash's order forms behind the counter.

scrappydappydoo Mon 05-Jul-10 08:11:44

Oh can I hijack thread and ask - I have some iron on tape that I can write - i sthis going to be a waste of time i.e I put them on dds uniform and then 2 months later end up buying sew on ones as the iron on have fallen off?

whatsthetimemrwolf Mon 05-Jul-10 12:23:53

Another vote for Cash's, you can order online.

Mindy73 Mon 05-Jul-10 19:44:18

Scrappy - my experience of iron tapes has not been great and they do peel off after a couple of months. Not sure if that was because they were cheap ones from Woolies?! Somebody else might say differently about them but I'm sticking with Cash's sew-in ones now!

kaggle34 Tue 06-Jul-10 20:20:59

stuck on you do THE best name labels.Easy Iron on and are indestructible and cool too. Takes about a week for them to arrive but quality is excellent. They also do labels for water bottles, socks, book bags and shoe labels too.

Rockbird Tue 06-Jul-10 20:25:31

Humph. Reminded me I needed some so went to Cash's website and DD's name is too long for their labels. It's not even a particularly long name.

PickUpYourPants Tue 06-Jul-10 21:03:47

Has anyone used the plastic button type name tags?

LindsayJ Fri 01-Jul-11 14:26:36

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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