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Innocent smoothie ABC magnets

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joliejolie Mon 07-Jun-10 10:00:00

Not sure if this is the right place, but is anyone interested in swapping letters? I desperately need a V to spell my ds name (he is disappointed every time we buy a pack with no V).
Anyone have a spare V?

NewShoesonMonday Mon 07-Jun-10 10:46:20

will have a look when I get home

RunforFun Mon 07-Jun-10 10:50:35

I've got one !!

Can you cat me and I'll send it to you

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 11:11:49

I have 4 hmm

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 11:13:29

I think my most prolific letter is M, of which I have seven.

RunforFun Mon 07-Jun-10 11:17:41

I've gots M's Ys, Fs and an X

Given up even attempting to spell any of my childrens names ... or anything more complicated than 2 letters !

joliejolie Mon 07-Jun-10 12:29:30

I have all but D, P, T, V and X. If anyone has any of the others, let meknow.
RunforFun, I have sent you a CAT. Thanks!

RunforFun Mon 07-Jun-10 13:31:48

Cant seem to see anything ?

Where should I be looking ?(CAT virgin here)on here or in my mailbox ??

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 14:13:26

My current tally of spares is as follows

A 4
B 1
C 2
D 1
E 1
F 4
G 4
H 2
I 5
M 7
N 1
P 2
T 3
U 2
V 4
X 1
Y 6

I have no j k o q w or z

In my defence, these are from both this set and the last set they did!

bambootoo Mon 07-Jun-10 15:27:02

I sent them an email, as I really want some a's and x's. and they sent me this email:

Thanks a lot for your e-mail. The magnet promotion is still running so hopefully you should be able to complete your set before it finishes. However, being someone who is incredibly unlucky in such matters myself, I fear that you could also just end up with the same letters you already have. In which case, click on this link and download the form and our handy swap shop will save the day.

I must print it out...

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 16:47:31

You can only attach up to two magnets though!

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 16:49:32

I have 4 As (3 apples and 1 ants) and an X if you have j k o q w or z

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jun-10 16:49:34

I have 4 As (3 apples and 1 ants) and an X if you have j k o q w or z

joliejolie Tue 08-Jun-10 10:36:57

SoupDragon, I'll swap your D,P,T,V and X for my Q,J,O and W.
Another MNer has sent the V, but always good to have a spare because my son is crazy for these magnets!!

If interested, my email is k_baldwin at


SoupDragon Tue 08-Jun-10 20:57:26

I can't tell you how upset I was when the boxes in my ocado delivery this morning had NO magnets! Can't email you from here as I've not set my proper email up on my iPad. Will force myself to slum it on my main PC later.

If anyone has a spare R, apparently DS2s friend needs one for his name. Which is a bit sad as it is only a four letter name.

SoupDragon Tue 08-Jun-10 20:59:42

I'm assuming you'd prefer Volcano to
Violets but would you like Toothpaste/Twist or Telephone and Pencil or Pirate?

GooseyLoosey Tue 08-Jun-10 21:02:43

We are misssing an "X" - both this time around and last time. Everytime we open the box, ds gets excited and everytime is doomed to diappointment. We have multiple spares of every other letter, but no X, not ever. I am starting to hate them.

maggiethecat Tue 08-Jun-10 21:21:51

I need: bcdfhjimqxz

I can offer: rgvian

joliejolie Tue 08-Jun-10 21:23:34

LOL...I would have told Ocado to bring another box!

I want volacano, thanks!
telephone and pirate would be great too.

I cannot believe how many S's we have...12!!! I just throw them away now. It is so sad because the kids get so excited when I open them.

PfftTheMagicDragon Tue 08-Jun-10 21:31:50

We are alright as DS's name is VVJANKYSSSS


TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Tue 08-Jun-10 21:35:06

SoupDragon -

I have spare Rs, but only Ruby ones.

Do you want one?

werewolf Tue 08-Jun-10 21:42:13

Are these the right ones? It says you can send them back to swap them

SoupDragon Wed 09-Jun-10 17:36:49

I've emailed you, JolieJolie.

maggiecat, I can swap your R for an M with an I and F thrown in for good measure!

SoupDragon Wed 09-Jun-10 17:37:24

iamsoupdragon at blueyonder dot co dot uk

maggiethecat Wed 09-Jun-10 22:26:52

thanks soup.

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