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Free 2 months family rail card, plus 50% off railcard for a year!

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FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 10:15:23

I saw it here

You must sign up before 7th May

Gigantaur Wed 05-May-10 10:22:05

ooh thats excellent.

even though i do have to be affiliated with teh daily mail, its worth it.

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 10:25:37

I know Gigantaur when I saw it was the DM I hesitated for ooh a nanosecond. (I am ignoring the fact it is the DM and pretending it was the moneysaving expert really blush)

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 10:34:48



helyg Wed 05-May-10 10:36:24

I signed up for one the other day. They did the same offer either last year or the year before, I remember thinking every time I used it "I hope they don't think I'm a Daily Mail reader..." grin

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 10:40:37

lol helyg, I haven't seen it before, I let my railcard lapse and was hoping for a good deal. It always seems that, after I pay full price for it there is a great deal that I have missed. Railcard for £13, I will just have to work on the guilt of taking up a DM offer.

Lionstar Wed 05-May-10 10:42:59

Fab, have just signed up grin The DM obviously has it's uses shock

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 12:06:21

See it can't be that bad if you don't read it, but it saves you money?

anyway bumpgrin

Katz Wed 05-May-10 12:14:01

done thanks - was waiting to get one for summer holiday trips so a 50% discount is great.

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 14:05:48

biscuit bump again

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer Wed 05-May-10 14:10:31

Thank you for sharing that, it'll come in handy for our summer hols grin

Calamansi Wed 05-May-10 21:43:32

fab - thanks for this grin

thank you!!

FiveOrangePips Wed 05-May-10 23:33:24

thank you for the small bumps, I love my railcard (remote dweller)

FiveOrangePips Thu 06-May-10 09:54:37


FiveOrangePips Fri 07-May-10 02:15:42

biscuit for any political people still up and not too gripped to look elsewhere.

RedLadyBiscuit Fri 07-May-10 19:51:50

Bump as it expires tonight

VicToryA Fri 07-May-10 19:59:50

That is brilliant. Thanks so much, FiveOrangePips! smile

RedLadyBiscuit Fri 07-May-10 21:29:17

Another bump because this is such a brilliant deal

LynetteScavo Fri 07-May-10 21:42:52

Thank you! smile

Tanga Wed 12-May-10 22:49:27

So, signed up a couple of weeks ago - but no sign of it so far - any idea how long ti takes to arrive? Wanted to take the kids for a day trip this weekend...

FiveOrangePips Wed 12-May-10 22:53:49

no idea Tanga, I didn't check the small print, I only signed up a week ago, so I am still waiting too.

It might be worth checking the kids-go-free offers? It sometimes works out cheaper than with a railcard.

ChickenInABasket Thu 13-May-10 16:47:58

Tanga, I also signed up a few weeks ago (3 or 4 weeks I think) and have heard nothing?

Tanga Thu 13-May-10 18:07:08

Hmm, checked back through the link but no details of when the railcard might arrive - I suppose 28 days might be fairly standard?

ChickenInABasket Sun 16-May-10 08:39:04

boo hiss, just had to buy full price tickets for trip up north to see grandparents next week. Could have done with that railcard! I checked and it's been 4 weeks since I applied.

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