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Shopper discounts and rewards scammy thing

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Bucharest Mon 15-Feb-10 09:38:35

That probably everyone knew about except me!

Noticed last week a £10 payment I didn't recognise go out of my bank account to "shopper discounts and rewards". Googling it, it took me to moneysavingexpert where there are approx 36 pages of people being taken in by this kind of legit scam.

Mine was traced back to a pop up ad on the Ryanair site when I last booked a flight. I vaguely remember something which looked like it belonged to Ryanair asking me if I wanted a £15 voucher off my next flight. If so I had to subscribe to this shopper discount thing. No charge was specified (or I'd have looked into it obviously) and I thought no more about it. Apparently, the websites allow this company to have your bank details and you suddenly find yourself monthly debited for £10 membership of this discount thing.

I cancelled my "membership" straightaway. Apparently one person had been debited for almost 2 yrs before he noticed, but once he phoned them up he got his money back straightaway.

Biggest culprits for allowing your details to be accessed are apparently Ryanair, Easyjet and Pizzahut. There was a list of others on moneysavingexpert.

99PlsAdvise Mon 15-Feb-10 11:35:08

Thats terrible. Ok they give you the money back but if they have scammed millions - whats the interest going to be like?? and they get to keep that.

Thanks for letting us know.

kid Thu 21-Jul-11 17:04:21

Well I didn't know about this even though I was a 'member' at the time of your post. I was even a member a couple of months before your post but have only just noticed!
I've cancelled my membership (not that I gained anything from it!), they are refunding my last 3 months (£30) and I have to complete a form to request the rest of my money (£160)

I seriously hope they pay up as from what I've been reading, they aren't allowed to do what they have been doing. They claim I gave them my last 4 digits of my bank card, well I know full well I did not and never would.
Loads of people have successfully got their money back, hope I do too.

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